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Rigol MSO8000 oscilloscope series



EMV pre-compliance testing

Double Technology Power

  • Realtime/RTSA and Sweeping/GPSA technology.
  • Up to 40 MHz realtime bandwidth, 6.5 GHz GPSA.
  • Seamless acquisition and analysis.


Seamless I/Q data acquisition and spectrum analysis, frequency mask trigger. POI 7.45 s. Touch display with spectrogram and density visualistion.



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  • Wide selection of innovative, inexpensive oscilloscopes, mixed signal oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, waveform generators, digital multimeters, power supplies, datalogger DAQ systems/switching systems.
  • For labs and industry, EMI pre-compliance testing, education and more.
  • Windows software for PC-control via USB or LXI.

Rigol oscilloscopes, spectrum-analyzers, multimeters, signal and power sources


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