Rigol DHO4000 4-Channel, 12bit High-Resolution Oscilloscopes up to 800MHz

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Promotion until 2024-6-30: Free option DHO4000-BND for new orders of all versions.

Benefits of the DHO4204, DHO4404, DHO4804 High-Precision DSOs with up to 4 GS/s Sample Rate and Ultra-Low Noise Floor

  • Digital oscilloscopes with 4 channels, 12 bit resolution, up to 800 MHz bandwidth.
  • Up to 4 GS/s sample rate, 1,500,000 wfms/s with UltraAcquire mode.
  • Deep memory, wide touch screen and variaty of interfaces.

Rigol DHO4000 4-Channel, 12 bit High-Resolution Oscilloscopes up to 800 MHz

With a new chipset "Centaurus" developed by Rigol, the DHO4000 series offers a family of digital oscilloscopes for design, debugging, and testing. The oscilloscopes achieves a fast waveform capture rate of 1,500,000 wfms/s with the UltraAcquire mode, 500 Mpts memory depth, 12 bit vertical resolution, all combined with excellent noise floor performance and vertical accuracy to meet your requirements for more accurate measurements.

  • 4-channel (and 1 EXT channel) oscilloscope with 200 MHz, 400 MHz, or 800 MHz analog bandwidth.
  • Chipset "Centaurus" developed by Rigol.
  • Ultra-low noise floor at 18 µVRMS in minimum.
  • 12 bit vertical resolution, 16 bit in high resolution mode.
  • Up to 4 GS/s real-time sample rate.
  • Max. memory depth 250 Mpts, optional 500 Mpts.
  • Min. vertical sensitivity 100 µV/div.
  • Up to 1,500,000 wfms/s waveform capture rate with the UltraAcquire mode.
  • 10.1"/25.7 cm 1280x800 HD touch display and HDMI video output.
  • User-friendly Flex Knobs, bringing smoother interaction.
  • Standard photoelectric encoder operating knobs, effectively prolonging its service life.
  • Standard USB 3.0 host and device, LAN/Ethernet interfaces.
  • Optional battery pack in a highly portable package for unlimited freedom.
  • Support online version upgrade.

Model Overview

Bandwidth200 MHz (50 MΩ/1 MΩ, -3 dB)400 MHz (50 MΩ/1 MΩ, -3 dB)800 MHz (50 MΩ, -3 dB)
500 MHz (1 MΩ, -3 dB)
Sample rate4 GS/s (single channel), 2 GS/s (half channels), 1 GS/s (all channels)
Memory depthStandard: 250 Mpts (single channel), 125 Mpts (half channels), 62.5 Mpts (all channels);
optional: 500 Mpts (single channel), 250 Mpts (half channels), 125 Mpts (all channels)
Max. waveform capture rate50,000 wfms/s (vector mode), 1,500,000 wfms/s (UltraAcquire mode)
Resolution12 bit
Hardware real-time waveform recording and playingUp to 500,000 frames
TriggerSources: Analog channel 1...4, EXT TRIG, AC line; trigger modes auto, normal, and single; trigger types standard: Edge, pulse, slope, video, pattern, duration, timeout, Runt, window, delay, setup/hold trigger, n-th edge trigger, I2C, SPI, RS232/UART, CAN; optional: CAN-FD, LIN, FlexRay, I2S, MIL-STD-1553
Serial decoding4 decodings, decodes and enables/disables four protocol types simultaneously; decoding types standard: Parallel, RS232/UART, I2C, SPI, CAN; optional: LIN, CAN-FD, FlexRay, I2S, MIL-STD-1553
Further functionsDigital voltmeter, 3 to 6 digits precision counter/totalizer
Display10.1"/25.7 cm capacitive multi-touch LCD display; 1280x800 resolution; HDMI video output
Interfaces2x USB 3.0 host, 1x USB 3.0 device, LAN/Ethernet 10/100/1000 Base-T, LXI-C
Dimensions (mm)358 x 215 x 121; 3.8 kg

If any one of the channels is enabled, it is called single channel mode. If two of the channels are enabled, it is called half channels mode. If any three channels or all four channels are enabled, it is called all channels mode.

Included: Oscilloscope Rigol DHO 4204, 4404, or 4804, power cord, USB cable, 4 passive HighZ probes (PVP2350/350 MHz for DHO4204, or RP3500A/500 MHz for DHO4404 and DHO4804).

Options Overview

DHO4000-BWU2T4Bandwidth upgrade option 200 MHz to 400 MHz
DHO4000-BWU2T8Bandwidth upgrade option 200 MHz to 800 MHz
DHO4000-BWU4T8Bandwidth upgrade option 400 MHz to 800 MHz
DHO4000-RLU-05500 Mpts memory depth upgrade option
DHO4000-AUTOASerial protocol analysis option: Automotive serial triggering and analysis (CAN-FD/LIN)
DHO4000-AEROASerial protocol analysis option: Aerospace serial triggering and analysis (MIL-STD-1553)
DHO4000-FLEXASerial protocol analysis option: Automotive serial triggering and analysis (FlexRay)
DHO4000-AUDIOASerial protocol analysis option: Audio serial triggering and analysis (I2S)
DHO4000-PWRAPower analysis option
DHO4000-BPACKBattery pack option