Eaton Sefelec MGR10 Series High-Precision, Digital Microohm Meters

Eaton Sefelec MGR10 series high-precision, digital microohm meters
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Benefits of the Sefelec MGR10 Series Microohm Resistance Meters

  • High-precision microohm meters, 4, 6, or 8 ranges.
  • Manual or automatic temperature compensation.
  • 0.1 µΩ...30 kΩ (depending on version).

Eaton Sefelec MGR10 Series High-Precision, Digital Microohm Meters

Thanks to its very good accuracy and its rugged construction, the Eaton Sefelec MGR10 series microhmmeter can be used in laboratories as well as in industry. Its main applications are measurements on transformers, chokes, electrical motors, cables, switches, circuit breakers, relays, fuses surface, contact ground or earth and connection resistances. Manual or automatic temperature compensation can be done according to copper or aluminium, but also any other kind of metal.

  • High-precision, digitale microohm meters.
  • Measuring 0.1 µΩ...30 kΩ (depending on version).
  • Measuring current up to 10 A.
  • Accuracy <0.03% (0,05% on MGR10C).
  • Manual/automatic range.
  • Memory for 4000 readings.
  • Battery (MGR10A) and mains supply (MGR10) versions.
  • RS232C, PLC or GPIB (IEEE488.1/2) interfaces.
  • 240x64 LCD matrix display with backlight.
  • Dimensions (mm): 131 x 344 x 332; 9.8 kg (12 kg battery type MGR10A).
  • MGR10B: Version for measuring contact resistance according to the NFC 93050 standard.
    MGR10C: Version for pyrotechnic environment.

Model Overview

DescriptionHigh precision digital microohm meter, 30,000 point display, cable measurement, contact resistance, motor winding and electronic componentsPortable digital microhm meter with batteries, display 30,000 points, cable measurement, contact resistance, motor winding and electronic componentsHigh precision digital microohm meter for contact resistance measurement according to standard NFC93050, display 30,000 pointsHigh precision digital microohm meter for resistance measurement in pyrotechnic environment, 3000 points display
Current measurementVariableVariableFixed valuesVariable
Measuring0.1 µΩ...30 kΩ0.1 µΩ...30 kΩ10 µΩ...30 kΩ1 mΩ...30 kΩ
Ranges8 measurement ranges 3/30/300 mΩ/3/30/300Ω/3/30 kΩ8 measurement ranges 3/30/300 mΩ/3/30/300Ω/3/30 kΩ6 measurement ranges 300mΩ/3/30/300 Ω/3/30kΩ4 measurement ranges 30/300 Ω/3/30 kΩ
Min.1 mΩ1 mΩ50 mΩ500 mΩ
Max.30 kΩ30 kΩ30 kΩ30 kΩ
Resolution min.0.1 µΩ0.1 µΩ10µΩ1 mΩ
Measuring current min.10 µA10 µA10 µA10 µA
Max. measuring current10 A10 A10 mA10 mA

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