Site-Log LFCB-x Data Logger, Current

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EOL/obsolete. ▸Click here to find replacement models.

Microedge Series Site-Log LFCB, high accuracy: Rugged and Compact Data Loggers for USB and Ethernet

The rugged Site-Log LFCB current data loggers offer high data security with a deep memory of 4 MB and a long battery life. There are various models with up to 2 or 8 channels for voltage, current, events or temperature sensors, as well as alarm functions - the ideal solution for applications in industrial or environemental applications.

  • 1 channel thermistor on-board (-40...+70°C).
  • Site-Log LFCB-1 with high accuracy: 7-channel 4...20 mA, range 4...20 mA (12 Ohm load resistor).
  • Site-Log LFCB-2 with high accuracy: 7-channel 50 mA, range 50 mA (12 Ohm load resistor).
  • Site-Log LFCB-3 with high accuracy: 7-channel 50 mA, 25 mA, 20 mA, 4...20, 12 mA, 6 mA, ranges channel 1: 50 mA, channel 2: 50 mA, channel 3: 50 mA, channel 4: 4...20 mA, channel 5: 4...20 mA, channel 6: 4...20 mA, channel 7: 4...20 mA.
  • 16 bit A/D converter.
  • 4 MB memory size.
  • Plug&Play USB communication and serial port with auto baud rate up to 115 kbps.
  • Up to over 10 years battery life.
  • Configurable alarm control/excitation control.
  • Wide sampling interval selections between 20 ms (with external power supply) or 5 s to 12 h.
  • Rugged aluminum enclosure, wall-mountable.
  • Coated PCB to protect against moisture, corrosion and mildew.
  • Optional Windows software SiteView for configuration, data downloads, print-outs, analysis and alarm reports. 1x required!
    Optional Windows/.NET SDK (Software Development Kit)

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