Keysight U3402A multimeter

Obsolete - not available
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EOL/obsolete, not available anymore

Keysight U3402A Multimeter - Best Choice - High Quality

If you have a limited budget and need a high quality and reliable DMM with good performance at 4.5 or 5.5 digits, the Keysight U340xA low cost basic dual display DMM is the product for you. Basic measurements include DC, AC and AC+DC voltage and current, 2-wire and 4-wire resistance, frequency, continuity and diode tests. Math functions include dBm, relative, min/max, compare and hold. This affordable bench top unit makes the grade in educational, electronics and communications applications. For extra credit, the U340xA also includes a PC-grade lock slot for physical security.

  • High quality, reliable basic multimeters with 11 measurement functions: Current and voltage (DC, AC, AC+DC/ture RMS), 2- and 4-wire resistance, frequency, continuity, diode test.
  • Built-in math functions: dBm, relative, min./max, compare, hold.
  • Bright an clear dual display.
  • 4.5 (U3401A) or 5.5 (U3402A) digits.
  • High accuracy: Up to 0.02% DCV (U3401A) or 0.012% DCV (U2302A).
  • Counts resolution 50,000 (U3401A) or selectable up to 119.999 (U3402A) - selectable resolution for various speeds.
  • Kensington lock slot helps secure the U340xA and prevents theft or misplacement.


Model Digits Counts resolution Accuracy
▸U3401A 4.5 50,000 Up to 0.02% DCV
▸U3402A 5.5 Selectable up to 119,999 (selectable resolution for various measurement speeds) Up to 0.012% DCV

Included: Multimeter U 3402A, power cord, quick start guide, product reference CD, calibration certificate, test lead set.
Note: The recommended calibration interval for these devices is 12 months. Call or send an E-Mail for more information on calibration!