Standard GPIB Cable

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Benefits Series 900.103.7 Standard IEEE488 Cables

  • Lowcost standard GPIB cable.
  • Tested, reliable quality with multiple shielding.
  • Available with various lenghts.

For Reliable GPIB Connectivity - High Quality Standard Cable

GPIB (also known as IEEE488, HPIB or IEC-Bus) still is the classic standard way to bring measurement data from your instruments to a PC. With tested GPIB high quality standard cables from Meilhaus Electronic you make this connection reliable, EMC compliant and low cost!

  • Multiple shielding for high noise immunity.
  • Safe data transmission with twisted-pair cable.
  • Robust and light with piggy-back connectors and aluminum housing.
  • Length from 0.5 to 20 m.

Versatile Connectivity, IEEE488 Bus Cable Available with...

Model Description
▸900.103.7 Standard connectors
▸IEEE488 DeLuxe Cable leaves the connector at a slight angle of 30°
▸12401 Straight connector at one side (similar to D-sub type). Good solution, if a GPIB interface is difficult to reach, for example interface boards in PCs slots

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