IEEE-UM4 Bus Switch 1-to-4

Obsolete - not available
IEEE-UM4 bus switch 1-to-4
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EOL/obsolete, not available anymore

Mechanic GPIB Bus Switch - the low-cost solution for extensive instrumentation systems

With these 1-to-4 bus switches you can access 4 GPIB systems from one PC, or you can access one GPIB system from 4 PCs.

  • Manual GPIB switch 1-to-4.
  • Access a GPIB device or system from 4 PCs or...
  • Access 4 GPIB Systems from one PC.
  • Robust, shielded metal box.
  • Reliable switching of all 24 bus lines.

Model Overview

Model Function Formfactor
▸IEEE-UM2 Mechanic GPIB switch 1-to-2 Box product, robust metall housing
▸IEEE-UM4 Mechanic GPIB switch 1-to-4 Box product, robust metall housing

Included: Switch, instructions for use.

starting 94,01
starting 74,97

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