TELEDYNE FLIR Product Lines - Thermal Imaging and Measurement Instruments

TELEDYNE FLIR Applications

TELEDYNE FLIR is well-known for high quality thermal imaging cameras with high image quality, flexible features and precise measurement results. The applications are versatile and range from building technology (commercial, industrial and residential buildings), HVAC in general (heating, ventilation, air conditioning), environmental technology, up to testing equipment/machinery and assemblies. In addition to "pure" thermal imaging cameras, TELEDYNE FLIR also offers combination devices, for example digital multimeters or current clamps with IR camera, videoscopes (technical endoscopes/borescopes) and complete climate measuring devices including invasive and non-invasive moisture measurement.

"See the Sound"

  • Acoustic imaging system/camera.
  • Detects leaks in compressed air systems, partial discharge problems in high voltage electrical systems.
  • 124 microphones. Frequency range 2...31 kHz.

Helps utility, manufacturing and engineering professionals to identify efficiency losses and potential failures.

Product Highlights from TELEDYNE FLIR