Keysight B2961B/B2962B 6½ Digit Low Noise Power Source

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Keysight 6.049 Free Handheld LCR Meter Promotion: Until December 31., 2021, FREE U1733C LCR meter with the purchase of a qualified product (B2961B, B2962B). Information provided with the shipment to claim the free complimentary product.

Benefits of the Keysight B2961B and B2962B High Precision Sources

  • 1 or 2 channel ultra low noise power source.
  • Up to 210 V, 3 ADC/10.5 A pulse, 31.8 W.
  • Impressive resolution of 100 nV/10 fA.

Keysight B2961B/B2962B 6½ Digit Low Noise Power Source

The Keysight B2961B/B2962B are 6½ digit low noise power sources with revolutionary capabilities and functions not previously available. Its unique features include bipolar current sourcing and sinking, a programmable output resistance feature, and a time-domain waveform viewer supported in the graphical user interface. You can choose between 1-channel (B2961B) and 2-channel (B2962B) models, allowing you to select the exact amount of bench-top power source performance to meet your testing needs.

  • Best-in-class 6½ digit resolution, 100 nV/10 fA minimum resolutions.
  • Wide bipolar (4-quadrant) voltage/current ranges 210 V/3 ADC, 10.5 A pulse.
  • With ultra low noise filter: 10 µVRMS, 1 nV/√Hz at 10 kHz.
  • Intuitive graphical user interface with wide 4.3"/10.9 cm color LCD.
  • Convenient 4½ digit voltage/current monitor.
  • Time domain waveform viewer for quick check and debug.
  • Precision 1 mHz...10 kHz arbitrary waveform generation capability.
  • Flexible programmable output resistance function.
  • USB, Ethernet/LXI and GPIB interfaces.
  • Supported by optional Quick I/V Measurement Software, BenchVue; drivers available for: IVI-C, IVI-COM, LabVIEW.

Model Overview

ModelB2961BB2962AWith high current ultra low noise filterWith ultra low noise filterWith low noise filter
Channels121 (B2961B) or 2 (B2962B)
OutputDC or arbitrary waveform outputMax. voltage±210 V±21 V±42 V±210 V
Max. current±3.03 A±500 mA±105 mA±3.03 A
PulsedMax. voltage±200 V±21 V±42 V±200 V
Max. current±10.5 A±500 mA±105 mA±3.03 A
Max. power31.8 W10.5 W4.4 W31.8 W
PolarityBipolar (4-quadrant operation)
Source resolutionDigit
Min. resolution100 nV/10 fA100 nV/10 pA100 nV/10 pA100 nV/10 pA
Output functionsDC
PulsedOnly voltage outputOnly voltage outputOnly voltage output
Sweep DC/pulse/listOnly voltage outputOnly voltage outputOnly voltage output
Arbitrary waveformOnly voltage outputOnly voltage outputOnly voltage output
Noise0.1...10 Hz≤5 µVPP≤5 µVPP≤5 µVPP≤5 µVPP
10...20 MHz3 mVRMS10 µVRMS (1 nVRMS/√Hz at 10 kHz)10 µVRMS (1 nVRMS/√Hz at 10 kHz)350 µVRMS
Measurement functionsBuilt-in 4½ digit voltage/current monitor
Source/monitor rangesVoltage200 mV...200 V200 mV...20 V200 mV...200 V200 mV...200 V
Current10 nA...10 A1 mA...1 A10 µA...100 mA10 µA...3 A
Programmable output resistanceConstant R---
V/I emulation---
View modeSingle view
Waveform preview
Dual ViewOnly 2 channel model (B2962B)
Graph view (time-domain voltage/current waveform viewer)
Max capacitive load0.01 µF (normal mode)50 µF50 µF1 mF
InterfaceGPIB, USB 2.0, Ethernet/LAN/LXI and digital I/O
Display4.3"/10.9 cm TFT color display (480x272, with LED backlight)

Included: B 2961B or 2962B, quick reference, power cord, USB cable.

3Y Warranty & Keysight CARE

Agilent's Electronic Measurement Group is now Keysight Technologies.