Brainboxes PW Power Supply Options

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Power Supplies for Brainboxes Interface Products

These optional power supplies deliver the right power for your Brainboxes interface and I/O series modules. See the table below to choose the right model:

Model Overview

ModelDescriptionUse with
PW-24560 W single output industrial DIN PSU**universal
PW-30196 W single output industrial DIN power supply**universal
PW-323 (on request)PoE Splitter, splits 48 VDC over the RJ45 Ethernet cable into 24 VDC power output; wide input voltage range: 36...57 VDC; 4 mm jack output connector, PoE-enables non-PoE devicesall Brainboxes ES, ED, SW products
PW-400Power adaptor 12 V/1.5 A; output 12 VDC/1.5 ABB-400
PW-500Power adaptor 5 V/3 A, 2.1 mm screw lockED-004, ED-008, ED-038, ED-204
ES-346, ES-842
US-279, US-346, US-601, US-710, US-842
PW-600Power adaptor 5 V/1 A terminal tailsED-504, ED-516, ED-527, ED-538, ED-549, ED-560, ED-588
ES-020, ES-357, ES-511, ES-522, ES-551, ES-571
SW-005, SW-504, SW-505, SW-508, SW-608
PW-623USB power cable to 3-pin terminal plug
ED-004, ED-008, ED-038, ED-204
ES-020, ES-357
PW-650USB power cable to 5-pin terminal plug
ED-504, ED-516, ED-527, ED-538, ED-549, ED-560, ED-588
ES-511, ES-522, ES-551, ES-571
SW-504, SW-505, SW-508, SW-608
PW-800Power adaptor 5 V/1 A, 4 mm tipES-246, ES-257, ES-279, ES-313, ES-320, ES-413, ES-420, ES-446, ES-457, ES-701

** Mains input voltages: Installed by qualified electricians only!