Ceyear 3680 Series Handheld Cable and Antenna Analyzers up to 8GHz

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Benefits of the Ceyear-3680A/3680B Cable/Antenna Testers in Frequency Range 1 MHz to 4 or 8 GHz

  • Handheld cable and antenna analyzer with a frequency range of up to 1 MHz...8 GHz.
  • Easy to operate and program with a bright LCD touch screen and USB interface.
  • Seven measurements: Return/DTF return/cable loss, VSWR, DTF VSWR, Smith chart, phase initial frequency error.

Ceyear 3680 Series Handheld Cable and Antenna Analyzers up to 8 GHz

Testing VSWR, Return Loss, Characteristic Impedance, and Phase

The portable, mobile Ceyear 3680 series are cable and antenna analyzers with a frequency range of 1 MHz to 4 or 8 GHz. Besides testing VSWR, return loss, characteristic impedance, and phase, it can precisely locate the fault points as well. The 3680 are high-speed, high-accuracy, compact, lightweight and battery-powered devices with touch screen operation and automatic adjustment of backlight brightness. The 3680 cable and antenna analyzers are the ideal solution for for on-site test various communication base stations, including trunking, GSM, PCS/DCS, CDMA, GPRS, WCDMA, CDMA2000, TD-SCDMA, LTE and paging systems. During the installation, calibration and routine maintenance of cable and antenna systems, the analyzers can help users to quickly estimate the status of the transmission line and antenna system, improve the maintenance efficiency of the running base stations and speed up the installation and calibration of new base stations. Besides, it can also be used for the reflection parameter test of RF devices and components in scientific research, teaching and manufacturing.

  • Handheld cable and antenna analyzers.
  • Frequency ranges 1 MHz...4 GHz or 1 MHz...8 GHz.
  • Measurement of return loss, VSWR (Voltage Standing-Wave Ratio), cable loss, DTF return loss, DTF VSWR, Smith chart, phase initial frequency error.
  • Frequency resolution 1 kHz.
  • Double window display: Each window can display different measurement types, with independent marker function.
  • List sweep function: Multiple frequency segments can be simultaneously measured, and each sweep segment can be set with different points and frequency ranges.
  • Optional: Power measurement.
  • Bright 7"/approx. 17.8 cm LCD touch screen.
  • Operating temperature range: -10...+50°C.
  • Power supplied by battery or adaptor.
  • USB interface and SD-card.

Model Overview

Frequency range 1 MHz...4 GHz8 GHz
MeasurementsReturn loss, VSWR, cable loss, DTF return loss, DTF VSWR, Smith chart, phase initial frequency error
Frequency resolution1 kHz1 kHz
Directivity≥42 dB (mechanical calibration), ≥35 dB (embedded electronic calibration)≥42 dB (1 MHz...6 GHz, mechanical calibration), ≥36 dB (6 GHz...8 GHz, mechanical calibration), ≥31 dB (1 MHz...6 GHz, embedded electronic calibration), ≥26 dB (6 GHz...8 GHz, embedded electronic calibration)
Source match≥31 dB (mechanical calibration)≥31 dB (mechanical calibration)
Reflection track±0.08 dB (mechanical calibration)±0.08 dB (mechanical calibration)
Sweep time1 ms/frequency point (10 kHz IF bandwidth)
InterfacesUSB, SD card
Display7" (approx. 17.8 cm) LCD touch screen
Power supplybuilt-in rechargeable Lithium Ion battery; battery capacity 8 h (without embedded calibration option, 70% brightness), 6 h (with embedded calibration option);
power consumption ≤15 W (no battery charging), ≤54 W (battery charging)
built-in rechargeable Lithium Ion battery; battery capacity 4 h;
power consumption ≤18 W (no battery charging), ≤54 W (battery charging)
ConnectorsType N female (test port); 2x BNC (10 MHz input/output port and GPS antenna interface)
EMCConforms to regulations of GJB3947A-2009 3.9.1
Dimensions (mm)295 x 205 x 70; approx. 2.5 kg (incl. battery)

Included: Cable and antenna analyzer, power cord, power adaptor, quick start guide, USB cable, built-in rechargeable Lithium Ion battery, charger on vehicle, PC-Tool software CD, certificate of conformity.