Ceyear 4957 Handheld Multifunctional Microwave Analyzer

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Benefits of the Ceyear-4957 Series RF Multifunctional Analyzers up to 40 GHz

  • Multifunctional analyzer with wide frequency range 30 kHz...40 GHz.
  • Excellent phase noise specification like -110 dBc/Hz at 1 GHz (1 MHz offset) and -103 dBc/Hz at 1 GHz (10 kHz offset).
  • Option to view waterfall plot, interference analysis etc. under spectrum mode.

Ceyear 4957 Handheld Multifunctional Microwave Analyzer

With a frequency range of up to 18 GHz, 26.5 GHz, or 40 GHz, the Ceyear 4957D/E/F microwave analyzers integrate multiple functions such as dual-port vector network analysis, cable and antenna feeder test, vector voltage measurement, spectrum analysis (channel power, adjacent channel power, occupied bandwidth, interference analysis and frequency counting), field strength measurement and power measurement, providing you with powerful comprehensive test capabilities.

  • Dual-port vector network analysis can make comprehensive RF network parameters measurement quickly and accurately, providing logarithmic, linear, phase, group delay, impedance chart, polar coordinate, SWR and other display formats as well as time domain measurement options.
  • Cable and antenna feeder test can measure the SWR, return loss, impedance, cable loss and other parameters of microwave networks such as antenna feeders, transmission lines and cables, and can conveniently measure impedance discontinuity points in feeders and cables, with DTF function.
  • The vector voltage measurement function adopts an integrated solution instead of the traditional vector voltmeter to accurately test the electrical length of cables and some other devices under test.
  • Spectrum analysis is a spectrum analyzer with standard functions, which can measure the spectrum characteristics comprehensively in an electromagnetic environment.
  • The field strength measurement function has a friendly user interface and high test sensitivity. With the corresponding test antenna, it can effectively monitor the electromagnetic spectrum and is widely used in space electromagnetic environment monitoring and radio management.
  • The USB power sensor is configured to achieve large dynamic range and high-precision power measurement, and can also carry out power monitoring through the spectrum input port.
  • Replacement for the Ceyear 4958.


  • Rich test functions:
    Antenna feeder test,
    vector network analysis,
    spectrum analysis,
    field strength measurement,
    power monitoring,
    vector voltage measurement,
    USB power measurement, etc.
  • Small size, light weight, easy to carry and test in special occasions.
  • 8.4"/21.3 cm LCD touch screen, easy to operate, friendly man-machine interface, visual display.
  • Test data can be stored and recalled. Three kinds of storage media are available: 1.5 G or more high-capacity internal storage, USB external storage, SD external storage.
  • Battery powered, suitable for field use. Intelligent power management, with remaining battery capacity indication and low battery alarm function, and sleep energy-saving function.
  • Data storage, playback and comparison functions.
  • USB, LAN and other interfaces for program control and data transmission.

Model Overview

Antenna feeder testFrequency range30 kHz...18 GHz30 kHz...26.5 GHz50 MHz...40 GHz
Frequency accuracy±1x10-6
Effective directivity30...40 dB30...38 dB28...35 dB
Vector network analysisFrequency range30 kHz...18 GHz30 kHz...26.5 GHz50 MHz...40 GHz
Frequency accuracy±1x10-6
Effective directivity30...40 dB30...38 dB28...35 dB
Power monitoringFrequency range100 kHz...18 GHz100 kHz...26.5 GHz100 kHz..40 GHz
Power range-60...+20 dBm-60...+20 dBm-50...+20 dBm
Spectrum analysis modeFrequency range100 kHz...18 GHz100 kHz..26.5 GHz100 kHz..40 GHz
Resolution bandwidth, video bandwidthRBW: 10 Hz...5 MHz (1, 3, 10 steps), VBW: 1 Hz...5 MHz (1, 3, 10 steps)
DANL/display average noise level-139...-151 dBm (front amplifier-on)/-117...-135 dBm (front amplifier-off)-126...-151 dBm (front amplifier-on)/-108...-135 dBm (front amplifier-off)-110...-144 dBm (front amplifier-on)/-95...-128 dBm (front amplifier-off)
Test port connectorN-type female3.5 mm male2.4 mm male
Power supplyRechargeable lithium-ion battery or power adapter; power consumption ≤40 W (excluding battery charging)
EnvironmentalOperating temperature -10...+55°C, storage temperature -50...+70°C
Dimensions (mm), max.315 x 211 x 97 (excluding handle and bracket)
4.8 kg (excluding battery)5.3 kg (excluding battery)

Included: Ceyear 4957 D, E, or F, power adaptor/cord, CD with user manual/driver software, quickstart guide, certificate of conformity.