DAQami Software for RedLab Series

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Ready for dispatch. Delivery Time ~1-3 workdays
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  • Control the RedLabs easily - no programming required.
  • Configuration, acquisition, display and logging of measurement data.
  • Scalar, strip, and block displays.

DAQ software for the RedLab series modules.

DAQami for Windows is a out-of-the-box software to easily acquire, view, and log data with the RedLab serie DAQ modules. Easy-to-use, without programming. With menues in German or English (depending on Windows settings)!

  • Out-of-the-box application to quickly and easily acquire, view, and log data with the RedLab Series.
  • Acquires data from analog input, digital input, and counter input channels
  • Configure device, channel, acquisition, and display options.
  • View analog input or thermocouple data on any combination of scalar, strip, and block displays.
  • Export acquired data to a .csv file.
  • Customize display size, location, and channel/trace colors.
  • Save the configuration to a file for later reuse and modification.
  • Versatile online help.
  • Supported operating systems: Windows 10/8/7/Vista, 32-bit or 64-bit.
  • Supports multiple devices for concurrent data input and output applications.
    Acquire and log virtually unlimited samples from analog, digital, and counter input channels.

How to order DAQami:

  1. Simply place this article "DAQami" into your shopping basket as usual and send the order to Meilhaus Electronic. Select the payment you prefer.
  2. You will asap reveive an e-mail with an unlock code.
  3. You can download DAQami (test version) from our download section and unlock it.

Can be used with the models:

  • RedLab E-1608
  • RedLab E-DIO24
  • RedLab E-TC
  • RedLab 1008
  • RedLab 1024LS, HLS
  • RedLab 1208LS, FS, FS-Plus
  • RedLab 1208HS, 1208HS-AO, 1208HS-4AO
  • RedLab 1408FS, FS-Plus
  • RedLab 1608FS, 1608FS-Plus
  • RedLab 1608G, 1608GX, 1608GX-2AO
  • RedLab 201, 204
  • RedLab 2408, 2408-2AO
  • RedLab 2416-4AO
  • RedLab 3000 Series
  • RedLab TC incl. CF*, AI, (WLS*)
  • RedLab TEMP incl. CF*, AI, (WLS*)

* DAQami only supports the device when connected by USB to a PC. Wireless and data logging modes are not supported.

Note: Some device features must be configured using InstaCal. For multi-sensor temperature devices, this includes configuring RTD, thermistor, and semiconductor measurements. For Ethernet devices, this includes the connection code, alarm options, and other network settings.