Yokogawa DM7560 - Fast 6½-Digit Digital-Multimeter

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Benefits of the Yokogawa DM7560 High-Accuracy and Sample Rate Digital-Multimeter

  • High precision 6½ digit bench multimeter.
  • Fast acquisition rate up to 30 kS/s.
  • Deep memory.

Yokogawa DM7560 Benchtop Digital-Multimeter

The Yokogawa DM7560 is a flexible 6½-digit digital-multimeter. It has a high-accuracy, fast-acquisition rate of up to 30 kS/s and a deep memory of up to 100,000 points. Due to a clear frontpanel, high-resolution color display with flexible display formats and integrated statistic analysis, it offers a wide variety of functions and still is easy to use. The device can be remotely controlled from a PC using the interfaces USB (standard), or optional Ethernet, GPIB or RS232.

  • High-accuracy 6½-digit digital-multimeter.
  • High-acquisition rate of up to 30 kS/s.
  • Deep internal memory of up to 100 k points.
  • Full-color, high-resolution display with flexible display formats.
  • High-speed data logging with up to 30 k points/s.
  • Trend/histogram analysis available both in real-time and offline.
  • Measurement of DCV, ACV, DCI, ACI, 2-/4-wire resistance, continuity test, diode test, frequency, temperature (thermocouple R, K (CA), T (CC), J (IC), E(CRC); RTD Pt100 and JPt100).
  • Multiple PC interface options (USB 2.0 standard, optional Ethernet/LAN, GPIB, RS232) enable automation.

Application Examples for the Yokogawa DM7560

  • Monitoring battery current consumption.
  • Sensor testing.
  • Production testing.
  • R&D/service.
  • Voltage reference testing.


Option (only with initial purchase, can't be ordered later)Description
DM7560-Option-C1 Optional GPIB interface
DM7560-Option-C2 Optional Ethernet/LAN and RS232 interface
DM7560-Option-CMP Optional DIO interface
DM7560-Option-QIC QIC certificate, English

Included: Multimeter DM 7560-6-F, power cord, user’s manuals, spare fuses, test lead set.

Note The quality test certificate QIC has to be ordered together with the hardware with the initial purchase. Later orders of the QICs are not possible!