Dx000USBB Keysight InfiniiVision USB Applications Software Package

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Dx000USBB Keysight InfiniiVision software bundle for USB
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Dx000USBB Keysight InfiniiVision USB Applications Software Package

The Keysight InfiniiVision series oscilloscope/MSO software-oriented options are available via online licensing. These software-oriented options (such as serial decoding of different buses, mask limit test, power analysis, FRA/Bode) have been bundled into application-specific packages. The packages can be registered and used according to a perpetual license. Other hardware-oriented upgrades such as signal generator, memory, bandwidths and mixed signal upgrades are available as before. The InfiniiVision 1000X series is excluded from this licencing system. The bundles USBB replace the former bundles USBA.

The USB applications bundle includes (depending on scope model):

  • Serial trigger and decode for USB 2.0 LoSpeed, FullSpeed and HiSpeed as well as PD (Power Delivery).
  • USB 2.0 signal quality analysis.
  • Jitter analysis.
  • Mask test.
  • Frequency response analysis.

Model Overview Dx000USBB

Scope modelInfiniiVision 4000A seriesInfiniiVision 6000A series
Bundle versionD4000GENAD6000GENA
Serial trigger and decodeUSB 2.0 Low- and FullSpeed
USB 2.0 HiSpeed
USB PD (Power Delivery)
Advanced analysisUSB 2.0 Signal-Qualitäts-Test
Jitter analysis-
Mask test
Frequency response analysis

Pick the Right Probe for Your Keysight Oscilloscope

ApplicationsSpeed and signal typesRecommended probeRequired probe bandwidth
LIN625 kbps, single-endedPassive probes (1 MΩ, single-ended)>50 MHz
ARINC 425100 kbps, differential▸N2791A/▸N2818A200 MHz
CAN 2.05 Mbps, differential▸N2791A/▸N2818A200 MHz
CAN FD10 Mbps, differential▸N2791A/▸N2818A200 MHz
MIL Std 15531 Mbps, differential, ±25 VPP▸N2791A/▸N2818A200 MHz
I²S (audio)approx. 2.8 MHz, single-endedPassive probes (1 MΩ, single-ended)>100 MHz
I²C/SMbux<4 MHz, single-endedPassive probes (1 MΩ, single-ended)>100 MHz
RS232/UART<10 Mbps, single-endedPassive probes (1 MΩ, single-ended)>100 MHz
RS422/48510 Mbps, differential▸N2791A/▸N2818A200 MHz
FlexRay10 Mbps, differential▸N2791A/▸N2818A200 MHz
SPI1...100 MHz, single-endedPassive probes (1 MΩ, single-ended) or ▸N2795A>100 MHz passive or 1 GHz active
MOST150 Mbps, differentialN2750A1.5 GHz
USB 2.0480 Mbps, differentialN2750A1.5 GHz
USB power delivery300 kbps, single-endedPassive probes (1 MΩ, single-ended)>50 MHz