Keysight FieldFox A Series Handheld VNA, Spectrum Analyzers, Combination Instruments

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Benefits of the FieldFox A Series Handheld RF Analyzers

  • Vector network analyzers, spectrum analyzers, and combination instruments.
  • Compact, portable and rugged handheld instruments.
  • High budget flexibility - choose capabilities you need today and easily upgrade later.

Keysight FieldFox A Series Handheld VNA, Spectrum Analyzers, Combination Instruments

The Keysight FieldFox series are versatile RF microwave analyzers up to 50 GHz (4/6.5/9/14/18/26.5/32/44/50 GHz) in a portable handheld design. The base devices can be upgraded with a variety of software options. The can work as cable and antenna analyzers, vector network analyzers, spectrum analyzers, or a combination ot these instrument types. They can perform DTF and TDR in a single sweep and offer a dynamic range up to 100 dB and an absolute amplitude accuracy of ±0.5 dB.

Keysight FieldFox RF and Microwave (Combination) Analyzers

Base: Cable and antenna analyzer. Key options:

  • Spectrum analyzer/SA.
  • Vector network analyzer/VNA.
  • Built-in power meter.
  • Pulse measurements.
  • Channel scanner.
  • GPS receiver.
  • Real-time spectrum analyzer (RTSA).
  • 89600 VSA software connection.
  • Surveyor 4D software connection.
  • I/Q analyzer.
  • IQ streaming.
  • Noise figure.
  • Over-the-Air (OTA) LTE FDD/TDD and 5GTF.
  • Indoor and outdoor mapping.
  • EMF measurements.
  • Modell N9912A: One port cable and antenna analyzer (4 or 6 GHz), broadband calibration, CalReady, standard mechanical cal kit support. Measurements include: Return loss, distance-to-fault (DTF), one port cable loss and VSWR.

Keysight FieldFox Microwave Vector Network Analyzers/VNA

Base: Transmission/reflection vector network analyzer (VNA). Key options:

  • Cable and antenna analyzer.
  • TDR cable measurements.
  • Full 2-port S-parameters.
  • Time domain.
  • QuickCal.
  • Vector voltmeter.
  • Built-in power meter.
  • External USB power sensor support.
  • Pulse measurements.
  • GPS receiver.
  • Model N9923A: Vector network analysis/VNA provides transmission/reflection measurements, or S11 and S21, with magnitude and phase.

Keysight FieldFox Microwave Spectrum Analyzers/SA

Base: Spectrum analyzer. Key options:

  • Full-band tracking generator.
  • Full-band preamplifier.
  • Built-in power meter.
  • Pulse measurements.
  • Channel scanner.
  • GPS receiver.
  • Real-time spectrum analyzer (RTSA).
  • 89600 VSA software connection.
  • Surveyor 4D software connection.
  • I/Q analyzer.
  • IQ streaming.
  • Noise figure.
  • Over-the-Air (OTA) LTE FDD/TDD and 5GTF.
  • Indoor and outdoor mapping.
  • EMF measurements.

FieldFox Series A Features Overview

Features1)Combination analyzersVector network analyzersSpectrum analyzers
N9912AN9913/4/5/6/7/8A, N9950/1/2AN9923AN9925/6/7/8AN9935/6/7/8A, N9960/1/2A
CAT/vector network analysis
Cable and antenna analyzerVSWR and reflection
VNA transmission/reflection--
1-port mixed-mode S-parameters--
VNA time domain-
QuickCal✓ (N991xA only)-
TDR cable measurements---
Vector voltmeter1 port-
Spectrum analysis
Spectrum analyzer--
Extended range transmission analysis (ERTA)---
Tracking generator--
Interference analyzer and spectrogram--
Spectrum analyzer time gating---
Channel scanner--
Analog demodulation---
Real-time spectrum analyzer (RTSA)-2)--2)
I/Q analyzer (IQA)-2)--2)
Indoor and outdoor mapping-2)--2)
IQ streaming-2)--2)
Noise figure (NF)-2)--2)
EMF measurements-2)--2)
Phased array antenna support-2) (N995xA only)--2) (N996xA only)
Over-the-Air (OTA) LTE FDD/TDD-2)--2)
Over-the-Air (OTA) 5GTF-2)--2)
Power measurements
USB power sensor meaurement versus frequency
USB power sensor support
Pulse measurement with USB peak power sensor
Built-in power meter-
System features
Remote control capability
GPS receiverexternalexternal
DC bias variable-voltage source--
SCPI over LAN and USB3)
Windows based software
89600 VSA software-2)--2)
N6820ES Surveyor 4D Software-2)--2)

1) Some of the features listed here require an option. See the FieldFox Handheld Analyzer Configuration Guide for complete information on all FieldFox products and accessories.
2) Requires CPU2 fast processor. All N995xA and N996xA analyzers include CPU2. On other FieldFox models, if the serial number starts with MY5607/SG5607/US5607, then it has CPU2. If the serial number prefix is different, then the analyzer firmware needs to be checked to see if the instrument has been upgraded with N9910HU-100/200/300/400 to have CPU2.
3) SCPI over USB for N991x/2x/3xA is available for serial number prefix ≥MY5607/SG5607/US5607 or upgraded with Option N9910HU-xxx.

Model Overview FieldFox A Base Devices

FieldFox RF and Microwave (Combination) Analyzers: Cable and Antenna Tester (CAT) + Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) + Spectrum Analyzer (SA)
ModelDescriptionCAT and VNA FrequencySA Frequency (usable to 5 kHz)Testport Connector
N9912A4/6 GHz FieldFox RF analyzerOption 104: 2 MHz...4 GHz
Option 106: 2 MHz...6 GHz
Option 104: 2 MHz...4 GHz
Option 106: 2 MHz...6 GHz
(start frequency 100 kHz)
Type N (female)
N9913A4 GHz FieldFox RF analyzer30 kHz...4 GHz100 kHz...4 GHzType N (female)
N9914A6.5 GHz FieldFox RF analyzer30 kHz...6.5 GHz100 kHz...6.5 GHzType N (female)
N9915A9 GHz FieldFox microwave analyzer30 kHz...9 GHz100 kHz...9 GHzType N (female)
N9916A14 GHz FieldFox microwave analyzer30 kHz...14 GHz100 kHz...14 GHzType N (female)
N9917A18 GHz FieldFox microwave analyzer30 kHz...18 GHz100 kHz...18 GHzType N (female)
N9918A26.5 GHz FieldFox microwave analyzer30 kHz...26.5 GHz100 kHz...26.5 GHz3.5 mm (male)
N9950A32 GHz FieldFox microwave analyzer300 kHz...32 GHz9 kHz...32 GHzNMD 2.4 mm (male)
N9951A44 GHz FieldFox microwave analyzer300 kHz...44 GHz9 kHz...44 GHzNMD 2.4 mm (male)
N9952A50 GHz FieldFox microwave analyzer300 kHz...50 GHz9 kHz...50 GHzNMD 2.4 mm (male)
FieldFox Microwave Vector Network Analyzers: Transmission, Reflection
ModelDescriptionFrequencyTestport Connector
N9923A4/6 GHz FieldFox microwave VNAOption 104: 2 MHz...4 GHz
Option 106: 2 MHz...6 GHz
Type N (female)
N9925A9 GHz FieldFox microwave VNA30 kHz...9 GHzType N (female)
N9926A14 GHz FieldFox microwave VNA30 kHz...14 GHzType N (female)
N9927A18 GHz FieldFox microwave VNA30 kHz...18 GHzType N (female)
N9928A26.5 GHz FieldFox microwave VNA30 kHz...26.5 GHz3,5 mm (male)
FieldFox Microwave Spectrum Analyzers
ModelDescriptionFrequencyTestport Connector
N9935A9 GHz FieldFox microwave spectrum analyzer100 kHz...9 GHzType N (female)
N9936A14 GHz FieldFox microwave spectrum analyzer100 kHz...14 GHzType N (female)
N9937A18 GHz FieldFox microwave spectrum analyzer100 kHz...18 GHzType N (female)
N9938A26.5 GHz FieldFox microwave spectrum analyzer100 kHz...26.5 GHzType N (female)
N9960A32 GHz FieldFox microwave spectrum analyzer9 kHz...32 GHzNMD 2.4 mm (male)
N9961A44 GHz FieldFox microwave spectrum analyzer9 kHz...44 GHzNMD 2.4 mm (male)
N9962A50 GHz FieldFox microwave spectrum analyzer9 kHz...50 GHzNMD 2.4 mm (male)

Included: FieldFox base device N 9912A, 9913A, 9914A, 9915A, N9923A, 9925A, 9935A, power adaptor, battery, bag, LAN cable, short description.

Comparing FieldFox A and B Series

Feature▸FieldFox B Series▸FieldFox A Series
CAT (cable antenna test)
VNA (vector network analyzer)
SA (spectrum analyzer)
RTSA (real-time spectrum analyzer)
Realtime bandwidth120 MHz10 MHz
Max. frequency9 GHz50 GHz
VNA dynamic range117 dB100 dB
DANL (displayed average noise level)-163 dBm at 2 GHz,
-151 dBm at 40 GHz
-159 dBm at 2 GHz,
-144 dBm at 40 GHz
TOI (third order intercept)+13.5 (+16) dBm+15 dBm
Phase noise , CF = 1 GHz, 10 kH Offset-117 (-113) dBc/Hz-111 dBc/Hz
Sweep speed (CAT)409 (457) µs/data point650 µs/data point
Operating temperature-10...+55°C-10...+55°C
Weight3.34 kg3.2 kg
Battery time4 h3.5 h

3Y Warranty & Keysight CARE

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