Keysight FieldFox C Software-configurable Handheld RF Analyzer

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Benefits of the FieldFox C Portable/Handheld RF Analyzers

  • Truly software-defined analyzers: Basic instruments and a variety of software options.
  • Cable and antenna analyzer, VNA, or spectrum-analyzer.
  • Frequency range up to 10 GHz.

Keysight FieldFox C Software-configurable Handheld RF Analyzer

Keysight N9912C, N9913C, N9914C, N9915C, N9933C, N9934C, N9935C RF Analyzers

The Keysight FieldFox C series is a famiily of handheld RF analyzers. The series includes cable and antenna analyzers, VNAs, or spectrum-analyzers. Select the capabilities (i.e. FieldFox options) you need today and add field-upgradeable features via software license keys as needs change.

  • Truly software-defined analyzers offer the maximum flexibility and the least initial investment: Basic devices with a variety of options expandable to a multifunctional RF tester.
  • All in one VNA, SA, RTSA, OTA 4G and 5G, RF pulse measurement, power meter, etc.
  • Upgradeabel frequency 3 kHz to 4, 6.5, or 10 GHz.
  • Real time/demodulation bandwidth 40 MHz.
  • VNA dynamic range: 100 to 110 dB.
  • SA DANL -160 dBm (including HF 3 kHz to 30 MHz region).
  • Phase noise -105 dB at 10 kHz offset.
  • Large buttons are easy to operate, even when wearing gloves; non-slip rubber grip securely fits in your hands.
  • Field swappable battery lasts up to 4 hours.
  • Bright, low-reflection display and backlit keys; easy viewing in direct sunlight or darkness.
  • One-button measurements simplify complex setups.
  • Rugged design, ideal and safe for use in the field. Meets MIL standards (vibration, humidity, dust, temperature, etc.)

Model Overview

ModelDescriptionMax. frequencyCAT and VNA frequencySA frequencyTestport Connector
N9912C-CA4Cable and antenna analyzer4 GHz5 kHz...4 GHz-Type N (female)
N9912C-CA6Cable and antenna analyzer6.5 GHz5 kHz...6.5 GHz-Type N (female)
N9912C-CAXCable and antenna analyzer10 GHz5 kHz...10 GHz-Type N (female)
N9912C-NA4Vector network analyzer4 GHz5 kHz...4 GHz-Type N (female)
N9912C-NA6Vector network analyzer6.5 GHz5 kHz...6.5 GHz-Type N (female)
N9912C-NAXVector network analyzer10 GHz5 kHz...10 GHz-Type N (female)
N9912C-SA4Spectrum analyzer4 GHz-5 kHz...4 GHzType N (female)
N9912C-SA6Spectrum analyzer6.5 GHz-5 kHz...6.5 GHzType N (female)
N9912C-SAXSpectrum analyzer10 GHz-5 kHz...10 GHzType N (female)
N9913CCombination analyzer: Cable and antenna analyzer + spectrum analyzer4 GHz5 kHz...4 GHz3 kHz...4 GHzType N (female)
N9914CCombination analyzer: Cable and antenna analyzer + spectrum analyzer6.5 GHz5 kHz...6,5 GHz3 kHz...6,5 GHzType N (female)
N9915CCombination analyzer: Cable and antenna analyzer + spectrum analyzer10 GHz5 kHz...10 GHz3 kHz...10 GHzType N (female)
N9933CSpectrum analyzer4 GHz-3 kHz...4 GHzType N (female)
N9934CSpectrum analyzer6.5 GHz-3 kHz...6.5 GHzType N (female)
N9935CSpectrum analyzer10 GHz-3 kHz...10 GHzType N (female)

Included: FieldFox C handheld analyzer, one of the versions, AC/DC adaptor, battery, soft carrying case.

FieldFox A, B, C Comparison

Feature/Option▸C series▸A series▸A series▸B series▸C series
Frequency range4 to 10 GHz4/6 GHz4 to 50 GHz4 to 9 GHz4 to 10 GHz
Frequency upgrades----
Full 2 port VNA-
4G/5G OTA-Only 4G
IQA and IQ streaming--
Noise figure--

Agilent’s Electronic Measurement Group is now Keysight Technologies.