FLIR VS80 High-Performance Videoscope

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Advantages of the VS80 Videoscope with IR and Visual Camera Probe Options

  • Videoscope with screen and camera probes for inspection of hard-to-reach or unsafe locations.
  • Can be combined with thermal camera, 2-way and 4-way joint camera and tube probes.
  • Rugged and sophisticated technical endoscope system.

FLIR VS80 High-Performance Videoscope

The FLIR VS80 series is a versatile, professional videoscope system that can be used for inspections in hard-to-reach or unsafe locations. The FLIR VS80 series high-performance videoscope has seven camera probe options (six visual and one thermal) to meet the application needs of professionals in many industries. FLIR VS80 is the scope without camera probes. Camera probes are added as needed or are also available in the kit: Each FLIR VS80 kit include the FLIR VS80 screen and a probe.

  • Inspect hard-to-reach components/locations.
  • Simultaneous display of the live camera image and a stored image side by side on the 7"/17.8 cm display for easy comparison of changes since the last inspection.
  • More than 8 hours of operation without recharging the battery.
  • Detailed images with visual probe depth of field from 10 mm to infinity.
  • VS80 screen with stand, neck strap and tripod mount so you can have your hands free to operate the probe during inspection while viewing the display.
  • 7 small diameter camera probe options to meet all inspection needs, including HD and dual HD probes: Thermal imager, 2-way and 4-way joint cameras, and pipe probe.
  • The rugged VS80 display can withstand a 2 m drop and is splash-proof (IP54); probe tips are waterproof (IP67).
  • Sun visor for using the VS80 outdoors or in very bright light.
  • HDMI output for viewing live video on an external monitor/screen.
  • Capture still images and video with resolution up to 1280 x 720 HD (with sound).
  • Record voice annotations to videos and add text notes to saved images.
  • Quickly generate reports using FLIR Thermal Studio or your favorite reporting software and share results with team members to prioritize repairs.


VS80Videoscope without probe - a camera probe is required for operation
VS80-KIT-1Videoscope kit 1: Videoscope + general purpose probe 5.5 mm x 1 m
VS80-KIT-2Videoscope kit 2: Videoscope + 2-way articulation probe 4.5 mm x 1 m
VS80-KIT-3Videoscope kit 3: Videoscope + dual HD camera probe 4.9 mm x 1 m
VS80-KIT-4Videoscope kit 4: Videoscope + 4-way articulation probe 6.0 mm x 2 m
VS80-KIT-5Videoscope kit 5: Videoscope + plumbing spool/probe 10 mm x 25 m
VS80-KIT-6Videoscope kit 6: Videoscope + HD probe 5.5 mm x 1 m
VS80-IR21Videoscope kit: Videoscope + IR thermal probe 19 mm x 1 m
VS80C55-1RMVideoscope probe/camera probe: General purpose probe 5.5 mm x 1 m
VS80A2-45-1RMVideoscope probe/camera probe: 2-way articulation camera probe 4.5 mm x 1 m
VS80A4-60-2RMVideoscope probe/camera probe: 4-way articulation camera probe 6 mm x 2 m
VS80C10-25RMVideoscope probe/camera probe: Sanitärspule & Sonde 10 mm x 25 m
VS80CHD-55-1RVideoscope probe/camera probe: Sanitärspule & Sonde 10 mm x 25 m
VS80C2-49-1RMVideoscope probe/camera probe: HD probe 5,5 mm x 1 m
VS80CIR-21Videoscope probe/camera probe: IR thermal probe 19 mm x 1 m

Included: FLIR VS80 videoscope display screen, audio headset, microSD card, USB cable, HDMI cable, neck strap, hand strap, hard carrying case, sun visor, power adaptor with multiple AC plugs, printed quick start guide; note: Probe only included in kits or individually available, see variants.