TekBox Product Lines - EMC Measurement, EMC Pre-compliance Testing

EMC test and measurement

More and more areas of our technology are becoming "high-speed" and "wireless": High-speed interfaces, WLAN, mobile communications, 5G, wireless IoT technologies, etc. are dominating our working world, our everyday life and our mobility. And all these RF-influenced technologies must be tested before they go to market. On the one hand, they must not be susceptible to external interference, but on the other hand, they must not themselves create interference for other devices. The decisive factor is conformity tests according to various specifications that these products have to meet and that are tested in special test laboratories. But the time spent in such test labs and the highend instruments used there are expensive - too expensive to have constant access to them in all phases of product development.

The solution is so-called pre-compliance testing, i.e. preparatory conformity tests. They are performed with simpler measuring instruments (for example, common spectrum analyzers) that are affordable for the developer. They allow early detection of sources of interference and verification of the effectiveness of adjustments already during development. Ideally, this can save repeated, expensive trips to the test lab and the cost of subsequent redesign.

TekBox develops and produces affordable EMC pre-compliance test solutions and software to make your spectrum analyzer and other lab test equipment ready for preliminary compliance testing:

  • Wideband, driver and power amplifiers for near field probes etc.
  • TEM cells (transverse electromagnetic cells), shielded tents, shielded bags, ground planes.
  • EMV antennas.
  • LISNs (line impedance stabilisation networks).
  • Current monitoring probes.
  • Comb generators.
  • Accessories: Cables, attenuators, adaptors, housings, tripods etc.