ME-633 EXT, 16 Opto Outputs

ME-633 EXT, 16 opto outputs
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Benefits of the Meilhaus Electronic Extension Card ME-633 EXT

  • Expands 16 TTL digital outputs with opto-isolation.
  • Optional cables: Reliable connectivity with Meilhaus Electronic digital-I/O boards.
  • Ideal for the isolated controlling with digital channels.

Expand Standard TTL Lines - 16 Opto-Outputs

Digital boards with TTL level I/O are available at a low price. But very often, other levels are required or higher currents have to be switched. These expansion modules are the ideale solution: They offer high safety and reliability, as they are external modules and not mounted within the PC. They are connected to the boards in the PC with cables.

  • 16 channels per module.
  • 16 opto-coupler outputs.
  • With DIN rail mountable card carrier.
  • Matching, reliable expansion, low price and very compact.
  • Spring terminals for the I/O lines, easy to open.
  • 1 status LED per channel.
  • No changes in software required.

Model Overview

ModelI/OFor digital boards
▸ME-631 EXT16 relaysME-8200 and MEphisto Opto, ME-6x00, ME-FoXX/ME-46x0, ME-Jekyll/ME-4610, ME-1400 and MEphisto Digi, ME-5314, ME-1000, ME-5310, ME-630 and MEphisto Switch
▸ME-632 EXT16 opto inputs
▸ME-633 EXT16 opto outputs
▸ME-635 EXT16 solid state relays
▸ME-634 EXT8 opto inputs, 8 opto outputsME-8200 and MEphisto Opto, ME-6x00, ME-FoXX/ME-46x0, ME-Jekyll/ME-4610, ME-1400 and MEphisto Digi, ME-5314m ME-630 and MEphisto Switch

Included: Connectivity board ME-633 EXT with DIN rail mountable card carrier, operating instruction (PDF, download). Note: Cable and power supply not included, available as an optional!

Meilhaus Electronic DAQ data acquisition boards

Meilhaus Electronic Original Product!