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Meilhaus Electronic PC DAQ Boards

The "ME Family".


Competence since 1977

MEsurement starts with ME.

Meilhaus Electronic PC DAQ boards are proven, durable and running in many applications in industry, embedded, design, research and education. The ME series includes a wide range of highly reliable DAQ and control PC boards. Quality and long-term availability are our focus. Pre-sales and after-sales support and service directly from Meilhaus Electronic are fast and uncomplicated.


Software System

Your User-Friendly Development Tool.

The driver system ME-iDS for Windows is included free with the Meilhaus Electronic DAQ/control boards. It includes driver software for LabVIEW, ProfiLab-Expert, C/C++, C# (.NET), Visual Basic (.NET) and Delphi for the ME series boards. The ideal solution for system integrators and developers: Integrate the DAQ boards into your own software easily!

3 in 1



Also included with the ME series measurement boards: ME-PowerLab3 is a complete, virtual DAQ lab, skripting software and development environment in one. As a DAQ lab: Easy to use GUIs without programming. As a scripting and development environment: Create measurement sequences, expand and integrate into other software.



Easy to Understand.

All ME series boards come with free German and English PDF user manuals via download. Support and service at Meilhaus Electronic in German and English.


With Isolation

High Reliability for the Industry.

Many ME series boards are isolated. For example digital-I/O with opto-couplers, or even isolated analog inputs and outputs. Isolation protects your hardware and your application in everyday use.
Models with isolation are: ME-5261, ME-5265, ME-5284 (potential-free isolated analog inputs), ME-4660, ME-4670, ME-4680 (versions "i" with isolation of all lines except 2 digital ports), ME-6000, ME-6100 (isolated or potential-free isolated analog outputs), ME-5810, ME-8200, ME-8100, ME-96, ME-95, ME-94 (opto-isolated digital-I/O), ME-630 (relay board with opto-isolated digital-I/O).

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