ME-9000p Completely Isolated Serial Interface Board, RS232, RS422, RS485

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Benefits of the Meilhaus Electronic ME-9000p RS232/RS422/RS485 Interface Board

  • Reliable transmission of serial data with full isolation.
  • The ideal solution for potential differences between sending and transmitting devide.
  • 4 or 8 ports on one board.

Highspeed Multi-Port Interface Board, Full Isolation

This opto-isolated multiport datacom board is the all-rounder among the serial interfaces: Up to 8 ports, RS232, 422, 485 and mixed, rates up to 1 MBaud, additional discrete digital I/O lines and a counter. The ideal solution for your point-of-sales, retail or industrial datacom applications at a fair price.

  • Serial interface board.
  • 4 or 8 ports.
  • RS232 or RS422/485 ports or mixed versions RS232 + RS422/485.
  • High-speed transmission rates up to 1 MBaud.
  • All handshake lines wired to the connector.
  • Full galvanic isolation of all ports with separate gounds (no common GND).
  • ESD protection.
  • 8 additional discrete TTL digital I/O lines, 1 counter 16 bit.
  • Ideal solution for POS (point-of-sales) and retail applications.
  • Plug&Play. For PCI-Express-, UniversalPCI- (3,3 V and 5 V) or CompactPCI/PXI-Bus (universal 3,3 V and 5 V).

Model Overview

ModelIsolation of all portPortsBus
ME-9000p/4 RS232 PCIfull floating (separate GNDs)4x RS232StandardPCI
ME-9000p/4 RS485 PCIfull floating (separate GNDs)4x RS422/RS485StandardPCI
ME-9000p/4 RS232 PCIefull floating (separate GNDs)4x RS232PCI-Express
ME-9000p/4 RS485 PCIefull floating (separate GNDs)4x RS422/RS485PCI-Express
ME-9000p/8 RS232 PCIfull floating (separate GNDs)8x RS232StandardPCI
ME-9000p/8 RS485 PCIfull floating (separate GNDs)8x RS422/RS485StandardPCI
ME-9000p/8 MIX PCIfull floating (separate GNDs)4x RS232 und 4x RS422/RS485StandardPCI
ME-9000p/8 RS232 PCIefull floating (separate GNDs)8x RS232PCI-Express
ME-9000p/8 RS485 PCIefull floating (separate GNDs)8x RS422/RS485PCI-Express
ME-9000p/8 RS232 cPCIfull floating (separate GNDs)8x RS2323 U CompactPCI
ME-9000p/8 RS485 cPCIfull floating (separate GNDs)8x RS422/RS4853 U CompactPCI

The models available in the shop are standard products. Other models are produced only, if ordered in higher numbers.

Included: ME9000p one of the versions, software and PDF manual (download).
Software: ME-9x00 driver software for Windows 10, 7, Vista, XP (32 and 64 bit). Works with all programming environments that can access the Win32Com-API (eg. Visual C, Delphi). Operates as standard COM ports with Windows, VEE Pro, LabVIEW and others.

Product Code

Isolation:No code = not isolated
i = Standard isolation with common ground
p = Full isolation with separate (no common) grounds
▸ME-9000: Standard models
▸ME-9000i: Models with isolation of all ports (common GND).
▸ME-9000p: Models with floating isolation of all ports (separate GNDs).
Ports:Number of ports = 2 (special models), 4, 8
RS:RS232, RS485 (RS422 or RS485), MIX (half RS232, half RS422/RS485)
Bus:PCIe (PCI-Express), PCI or cPCI (3 U CompactPCI)

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