Free Evaluation Program - Test an ME-Board

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Free Evaluation Program

Test PC DAQ/control boards from the ME family in your system.

As a developer, system integrator or OEM you know: Integrating a product into one of your projects requires a high degree of confidence:

  • Does the product really fit 100%?
  • Does it run reliably in my PC system?
  • Does the manufacturer's support fit - both in terms of competence and the "human factor"?
  • Do I get along with the driver/support software?
  • And how about the long-term availability of the components?

The Free Evaluation Program...

...offers you the highest level of security: Test a product from the ME board family including driver software free of charge in your system, in your environment!
For 21 days.

You can choose from a number of the best-selling PC boards of the ME family. Most models include several variants (eg. a model ME-4680 includes the models ME-4670, ME-4660 and ME-4610). If you would like to test a board that is not in the selection, please contact us. To simplify connectivity, the demo/test bundle includes a cable/terminal block.

ModelAccessoriesDescription/key features
Free evaluation bundle ME-5821 PCIe78-pin d-sub cable and terminal blockOpto digital-I/O: 32 opto-inputs, 32 opto-outputs, 3 isolated 16 bit counters
Free evaluation bundle ME-4610 PCI78-pin D-sub cable and terminal blockBasic DAQ board: 16 voltage inputs, 300 kHz/16 bit A/D conversion, 2x 16 bit TTL-digital-I/O, 3x 16 bit counters
Free evaluation bundle ME-4680 PCI78-pin D-sub cable and terminal blockStandard DAQ board: 32 voltage inputs (8 differential), 300 kHz/16 bit A/D conversion, 4 analog outputs with FIFOs, 2x 16 bit TTL-digital-I/O, 3x 16 bit counters
Free evaluation bundle ME-630/16 PCIe78-pin D-sub cable and terminal blockRelay and digital-I/O board: 16 type-C relays, 16 TTL-digital-I/O, 8 TTL-digital inputs, 8 opto-digital-inputs
Free evaluation bundle ME-9000/8 232 PCIe8x breakout cable to 9-pin D-subRS232 interface: 8 RS232 serial ports, up to 1 MBd
Free evaluation bundle ME-5284/8 PCIeME AB-5200K kit with terminal block, 8x MMCX-MMCX cable and 1x HDMI cableFast DAQ board: 8 differential voltage inputs, complete isolation, 1.6 MS/s, 18 bit A/D conversion, 8 bit TTL-digital-I/O


The PC boards of the ME family are supported by the driver system ▸ME-iDS and ▸ME-PowerLab³. You can download this software free of charge and also include it in your test.

Limited number of demo boards available - reserve your desired test board now (no obligation to buy)!
Our ME PC board specialists will contact you to clarify the details.
Test period 21 days.
At the end of the test period, please return the test bundle (card, connection accessories) securely packed to us. If our PC card has convinced you and you want to use it, you will receive a new card after ordering.

ME DAQ PC boards