Icron Ranger 2304GE-LAN USB 2.0 Extender over 100 m Cat5e/6/7/LAN, 4-Port Hub

Ranger 2301GE-LAN - USB 2.0 extender over 100 m Cat5e/6/7/LAN
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Benefits of the Icron Ranger 2304GE-LAN USB-over-Ethernet Extender with 4x Hub

  • Extension for USB 2.0 over Cat5e/6/7 cable or existing Ethernet/LAN.
  • Distances up to 100 m. 4-port hub.
  • Easy connectivity with two extender modules.

Icron Ranger 2304GE-LAN - Extend USB 2.0 over 100 m Cat5e/6/7 Copper Cable or Exisiting Ethernet/LAN with Hub

These modules are used to extend the USB transmission with 100 m. The extenders are connected with commercially obtainable standard Cat5e/6/7 Ethernet cable. Or you can use an existing Ethernet/LAN. Integrated 4-port hub on REX side.

Model Overview

ModelRanger 2304GE-LAN
Ordering Code00-00377
SeriesExtremeUSB 2.0
ExtenderUSB 2.0 up to 480 Mbps/Lowspeed and Fullspeed; compatible with USB 1.1
Distance100 m (or 100 m between Ethernet switches)
Ports1 to 4
MediumCat 5e/6/7 copper/Ethernet cable or exisiting Ethernet/LAN
Model2 modules (LEX and REX)
Power supplyPower supply at REX
ApplicationsIndustrial control, KVM extension, digital signage, security: Web camera, access control and more
SoftwareTransparent, no additional driver software required

LEX = Local Extender, extender module at host.
REX = Remote Extender module.

Included: LEX, REX, power supply adaptor. Cat5e/6/7 cable not included!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: How does Icron USB extension work?

Answer: Icron USB extensions extend the transmission distance of USB over standard Ethernet copper cable or fiber optic cable. The extensions consist of LEX (local extender at the host/PC/laptop) and REX (remote extender for the remote devices such as cameras, storage, etc.). Cabling: Connect LEX to PC via short USB cable, long connection LEX-to-REX via Cat or fiber optic cable depending on the model and connect the remote devices to REX via short USB cable. Depending on the model, LEX and/or REX requires a power supply.

Question: Can I extend USB over an existing Ethernet/LAN?

Answer: In this case, use the ▸Ranger 2301GE-LAN or Ranger 2304GE-LAN models (the latter is the version with an integrated 4-way hub). The principle is the same as for the other Icron models, but instead of a dedicated line, an existing Ethernet is used. The total distance or distance between Ethernet switches can be up to 100 m. Again, the LEX is connected to the local PC via USB. Now use a Cat cable to connect the LEX to the Ethernet (wall jack/switch). The REX is connected to the same Ethernet at the remote point via Cat cable, powered via power supply and connected to the remote device(s) such as cameras, remote storage etc. via USB.

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