TekBox TBLxx100 Series Line Impedance Stabilisation Networks/LISN – CISPR 16

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Benefits of the LISN TBL05100-1, TBL50100-1 Line Impedance Stabilisation Networks

  • Single-channel LISNs for EMC conducted noise measurements.
  • 50 Ω || 50 µH or 50 Ω || 5 µH.
  • According to CISPR 16-1-2 and others.

TekBox TBL05100-1 5 µH Line Impedance Stabilisation Network LISN – CISPR 16

The TekBox TBL05100-1 is a universal 5 µH LISN that meets the requirements of several standards. The TBL05100 is factory jumpered to 50 Ω|| 5 µH + 1 Ω, fulfilling the CISPR 16-1-2 and CISPR 25 impedance, phase and isolation specification. By setting internal jumper, it can be converted into 50 Ω|| 5 µH variants that support standards such as CISPR 25, MIL-STD-461G, ISO11452-4 and ISO 7637-2. By adding an external 10 F capacitor, the impedance will fulfil DO-160 specifications. The LISN is inserted into the EUT’s supply line. Conducted noise at the EUT’s supply terminals can be monitored at the BNC connector with a spectrum analyzer or a measurement receiver. A 5 µH inductor decouples the source (supply) terminal from the EUT terminal. The use of two TBL05100-1 in conjunction with the Tekbox LISN Mate allows for the measurement of common mode and differential mode noise separately. The unit comes equipped with a BNC-male to N-male RG232 cable, mating connectors and ground brackets to attach it to a ground plane.

  • Topology: Single path, configurable, 50 Ω||5 µH + 1 Ω, 50 Ω||5 µH; the internal capacitor can be disconnected for ISO 7637-2 and DO-160 set ups; an external 10 µF capacitor is available for DO-160; the LISN is factory setup to 50 Ω||5 µH + 1 Ω, other configurations require setting of an internal high current jumper.
  • Supported standards: CISPR 16-1-2, CISPR 25, MIL-STD-461G, DO-160, ISO11452-4 and ISO 7637-2.
  • Characterized frequency range: 10 kHz...400 MHz.
  • DC Resistance: <5 mΩ Source+ to EUT+; <5 mΩ Source- to EUT-.
  • Maximum current: 100 A.
  • Nominal operating voltage range: 0...250 VAC/DC.
  • Component ratings: 350 VAC, 50/60 Hz; 1000 VDC.
  • High current plug/screw terminals; male: Phoenix Contact 1762741, female: Phoenix Contact 1762592; 2 pcs female terminal blocks are supplied as default accessories.
  • Jumper: Harwin D3087-98.
  • Dimensions (mm): 300 x 150 x 150; 2.7 kg.

TekBox TBL50100-1 50 µH Line Impedance Stabilisation Network LISN – CISPR 16

The TekBox TBL50100-1 50 µH is a single channel 50 Ω || 50 µH LISN for the frequency range 150 kHz...30 MHz according to CISPR 16-1-2. In addition to conducted noise measurements on AC or DC supplied equipment, the LISN can be used to establish a defined impedance for a variety of other standardized tests. The LISN is inserted into the supply line of the EUT (equipment under test). Conducted noise, which is present at the supply terminals of the EUT can be measured at the BNC connector using a spectrum analyzer or a measurement receiver. The SOURCE (supply) terminal and the EUT terminal are decoupled by a 50 µH inductor. DC or single-phase measurements typically require a pair of TBL50100-1. In conjunction with the TekBox LISN Mate common mode noise and differential mode noise can be measured separately. EUTs with 3-phase supply require three or four pieces of TBL50100-1, depending on whether the product is connected in delta or star configuration.

  • LISN type: V-AMN, 50 Ω||50 µH; no 250 µH pre-filter.
  • Specified frequency range: 150 kHz...30 MHz.
  • Characterized frequency range: 9 kHz...100 MHz.
  • DC Resistance: <45 mΩ.
  • Maximum current: 70 A continuous, 100 A for 10 minutes.
  • Operating voltage range: 0...250 VDC; 0...250 VAC (50/60 Hz).
  • High current plug/screw terminals; male: Phoenix Contact 1762741, female: Phoenix Contact 1762592.
  • RF connector: BNC female.
  • Dimensions (mm): 350 x 230 x 230; 5.3 kg.

Tekbox LISN Overview

Impedance50 Ω || 5 µH50 Ω || 5 µH50 Ω || 50 µHConfigurable, 50 Ω || 5 µH + 1 Ω, 50 Ω || 5 µH50 Ω || 50 µH50 Ω|| (50 µH+5 Ω) || 50 Ω|| (50 µH+5 Ω)50 Ω|| (50 µH+5 Ω)50 Ω|| (50 µH+5 Ω)
Frequency range150 kHz...108 MHz150 kHz...108 MHz150 kHz...30 MHz150 kHz...30 MHz150 kHz...30 MHz9 kHz...30 MHz9 kHz...30 MHz9 kHz...30 MHz9 kHz...30 MHz
Max. current10 A50 A16 A100 A100 A8 A16 A16 A32 A
Max. voltage60 V nominal, component rating: 250 V60 V nominal, component rating: 250 V250 V250 V nominal, component rating: 350 VAC/1000 VDC250 V240 V240 V540 V/260 V540 V/260 V
EUT socket4 mm (banana)Phoenix high currentPhoenix high currentPhoenix high currentPhoenix high currentCountry specific mains socketCountry specific mains socketCEE/IEC60309CEE/IEC60309
Additional features-----Filter/limiter/attenuator, switchable

Artificial hand connection

PE switchable: 50 Ω || 50 µH
Filter/limiter/attenuator, switchable

Artificial hand connection

PE switchable: 50 Ω || 50 µH
Artificial hand connection

PE switchable: 50 Ω || 50 µH
Artificial hand connection

PE switchable: 50 Ω || 50 µH