Yokogawa TY500 and TY700 Series - Handheld Digital-Multimeters

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Benefits of the Yokogawa TY500/TY700 Series 3½ and 4½ Digit Digital Multimeters

  • Handy handheld multimeters with 3½ or 4½ digits.
  • Precise basic accuracy up to 0.09% or 0.020%.
  • Logging mode with 1600 data memory.

Yokogawa TY500 and TY700 Series - Handheld Digital-Multimeters

The Yokogawa TY Series are 3½- and 4½-digit handheld digital multimeters with 6000- or 50000-count display (dual display for TY700 series) and 31-segment bar graph display. They offer RMS-type measurement functions of voltage, current, resistance, continuity check, diode test, frequency, capacitance, and temperature. The are CAT IV 600 V, CAT III 1000 V devices and have USB communication functions. They also feature closed case calibration (user calibration function). Four models are available.

  • 3½- and 4½-digit handheld digital multimeters.
  • 6000- or 50000-count display. TY700 series: Dual display.
  • High precision with a basic accuracy of 0.09% (TY500 series) or 0.020% (TR700 series).
  • True RMS measurement.
  • Measurement functions and additional features see table below.
  • Ensured field site safety conforms to safety standards EN61010-1, 1000 V CAT III, 600 V CAT IV.
  • Safety shutters for preventing erroneous insertion of test leads into current measurement terminals.
  • Logging-mode memory for 1600 data.
  • USB communication, application software (optional DMM communication package) - not for TY520.
  • Closed case calibration.
  • 3-year warranty.

Model Overview

Model Yokogawa TY520 Yokogawa TY530 Yokogawa TY710 Yokogawa TY720
Basic accuracy 0.09% 0.09% 0.020% 0.020%
Display max. value 6,000 6,000 50,000 50,000
Dual display - -
Bar graph
AC + DC V - -
AC + DC A - -
Continuity check
Diode test
Low-pass filter -
Data memory -
Max./min. value memory -
Relative value computation
Logarithm computation - -
Data hold
Auto hold
Peak hold - - -
Overvoltage input warning
PC connection -
Auto power off

Included: Handheld multimeter TY 520, TY 530, TY 710 or TY 730, 4x AA (R6) dry cells, 1x 98015 test lead set (98015), fuse (installed) 440 mA/1000 V and 10 A/1000 V, instruction manual.

Note The quality test certificate QIC has to be ordered together with the hardware with the initial purchase. Later orders of the QICs are not possible!