Copper Mountain Product Lines - USB VNAs

Copper Mountain VNA

Vector Network Analyzers for USB, for RF Test and Measurement

The Copper Mountain vector network analyzers/VNA series are compact USB modules with 1, 2, or 4 ports. So, depending on the model, they can determine the S-paramters S11, S21, S12, S22 up to S44. The frequency ranges are up to 44 GHz, using external modules they can even be extended up to 330 GHz.

Model Ports Max. frequency or frequency range
R60 1 6 GHz
R140 1 14 GHz
R180 1 18 GHz
Planar 304/1 2 100 kHz...3.2 GHz
Planar 804/1 2 100 kHz...8 GHz
Planar 808/1 4 100 kHz...8 GHz
TR1300/1 2 300 kHz...1.3 GHz
M5045 2 300 kHz...4.5 GHz
M5065 2 300 kHz...6.5 GHz
M5090 2 300 kHz...8.5 GHz
M5180 2 300 kHz...18 GHz
S7530 2 20 khz...3 GHz
S5045 2 20 kHz...4.5 GHz
S5065 2 9 kHz...6.5 GHz
S5085 2 9 kHz...8.5 GHz
S5180 2 100 kHz...18 GHz
S5243 2 10 MHz...44 GHz
SC5065 2 300 kHz...6.5 GHz
SC5090 2 300 kHz...9 GHz
C1209 2 100 kHz...9 GHz
C2209 2 100 kHz...9 GHz
C4209 2 100 kHz...9 GHz
C1409 4 100 kHz...9 GHz
C2409 4 100 kHz...9 GHz, can be extended with CobaltFx up to 330 GHz
C4409 4 100 kHz...9 GHz, can be extended with CobaltFx up to 330 GHz
C1220 2 100 kHz...20 GHz
C2220 2 100 kHz...20 GHz
C4220 2 100 kHz...20 GHz, can be extended with CobaltFx up to 330 GHz
C1420 4 100 kHz...20 GHz
C2420 4 100 kHz...20 GHz
C4420 4 100 kHz...20 GHz, can be extended with CobaltFx up tos 330 GHz

Software for the Copper Mountain Technologies Vector Network Analyzers

The software application is an inherent part of the vector network analyzers/VNAs. It takes raw measurement data from the VNA modules and recalculates into S-parameters in multiple presentation formats utilizing proprietary algorithms. The software can be downloaded free from the manufacturer's web-site. It can be used on an unlimited number of PCs using either Linux or Windows operating systems.

The software application also features a fully functioning demo mode, which can be used for exploring the VNAs' features and capabilities without an actual measurement module/hardware connected to your PC.

For software/system designers Copper Mountain also offers code examples and guides for MATLAB, VisualBasic (Excel), LabVIEW, COM/DCOM interface (ActiveX) for Windows, SCPI via TCP socket or via HiSlip, C++ (Linux only), Python (Linux only) and others.