Rigol DG900 ARB Waveform Generators up to 100 MHz, Touchscreen, SiFi II

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Special webshop price, promotion until December 31., 2022, or while stock lasts.

Benefits of the Rigol DG952, DG972, DG992 Arbitrary Signal Generators up to 100 MHz

  • Point-by-point ARB signals with SiFi II technology: High accuracy, low distortion, low jitter.
  • 2 independent channels up to 50, 70, or 100 MHz (sine).
  • Wide, clear display with touch operation. Fanless and quiet.

Rigol DG900 ARB Waveform Generators up to 100 MHz, Touchscreen, SiFi II

Due to their unique SiFi II technology, the Rigol DG900 series ARB waveform generators offer a high signal integrity, very low distortion and very low jitter for ARB signal generation. SiFi II doesn't use the common DDS method (direct digital synthesis), but generates signals point by point. The DG900 models can reach maximum frequencies (sine) of 50, 70, or 100 MHz. The devices have versatile modulation functions, arbitrary waveform sequencing and an additional frequency counter. With their well structured front panel and a wide, clear touchscreen, the generators are very easy to use. Important especially for the use on the lab bench: The DG900 series heat dissipation structure desgin is fanless with 0 dB operating noise.

  • Unique SiFi II technology (Signal Fidelity II) generates arbitrary waveforms point by point for high accuracy, low distortion and low jitter (200 ps) for all output waveforms (incl. sine, pulse etc.).
  • 2 independent channels.
  • Max. frequency (sine) up to 50, 70, or 100 MHz.
  • 16 Mpts ARB memory per channel.
  • High frequency stability: ±1 ppm; low phase noise: -105 dBc/Hz.
  • Standard (sine, square/pulse, ramp, noise, DC) and 160 built-in arbitrary waveforms (sinc, exp. rise/fall, ECG, Gauss, Haversine, Lorentz and others).
  • RS232, PRBS and Dualtone output supported.
  • Sample rate up to 250 MS/s, vertical resolution 16 bit.
  • Arbitrary waveform sequence editing function; can also be generated through the PC software.
  • Versatile analog and digital modulations: AM, FM, PM, ASK, FSK, PSK, and PWM.
  • Channel tracking function: All the parameters of both channels can be updated based on users' configurations.
  • Harmonic generator (at most 8-order harmonics).
  • 7 digits/s counter, 240 MHz bandwidth.
  • USB Host&Device interface; optional USB-to-GPIB or Ethernet/LAN.
  • Wide, clear TFT colour touchscreen.
  • Fanless with 0 dB noise.

Model Overview

Model DG952DG972DG992
Channels 222
Max. frequency (sine) 50 MHz70 MHz100 MHz
Sample rate 250 MS/s250 MS/s250 MS/s
Resolution 16 bit16 bit16 bit
Max. amplitude 10 VPP10 VPP10 VPP
Waveforms Sine, square/pulse, rampe, noise, DC; Dualtone, PRBS, RS232 (9,600 to 230,400 Bd); harmonic (at most 8-order); arbitrary (160 built-in: Sinc, exp. rise/fall, ECG, Gauss, Haversine, Lorentz etc.)
Arbitrary 1 µHz...15 MHz; 16 Mpts1 µHz...20 MHz; 16 Mpts 1 µHz...20 MHz; 16 Mpts
Modulations AM, FM, PM, ASK, FSK, PSK, PWM; burst, sweep
Additional functions Arbitrary waveform sequencing (2 kS/s...60 MS/s); frequency counter 1 µHz...240 MHz
Display 4.3" (approx. 10.9 cm) TFT LCD touchscreen
Interfaces USB Host & Device, optional adaptor to GPIB or Ethernet/LAN
Dimensions (mm) 238 x 97 x 267; approx. 1.75 kg

Included: DG 952, 972, or 992, power cable, BNC cable CB-BNC-BNC-MM-100, printed quick guide.