ClampMan Full Innovative Holding Fixture for PCBs and Component Modules

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Item available at short notice. Delivery Time ~3-10 workdays
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Benefitsof the ClampMan Fully Equipped Holding Fixture

  • The complete ClampMan: Solid holding fixture for PCBs for measurement/test, soldering, repair, thermal imaging.
  • Can also be used for energized PCBs.
  • Rugged design with hydraulic joint stands - multiple degrees of freedom.

"Additional Hands" - Innovative Holding Fixture for Printed Circuit Boards/Component Modules

Didn't you often wish to have at least two additional hands to hold PCBs or electronic modules for the process of measurement, test, soldering or documentary pictures with a thermal camera? ClampMan is the perfect solution. In the "Full" version with a solid, heavy foot, the basic stand arm, the complete fixture frame and two hydaulic arms with probe holders. And it's so easy to use: Open star grip knob at the hydraulic arm, bring arm into desired position, fix star grip knob - done!

  • Flexible design, use to hold various shapes and formats of PCBs in a high variety of different ways.
  • Designed to also clamp energized PCBs for safe measurements from both sides.
  • Just like "additional hands": Enables the fixing of PCBs in many different positions with multiple degrees of freedom - 2 hydraulic arms included to hold your probes!
  • High quality, rugged design with hydraulic joint stands and precise fixture.
  • Expand with additional fixtures according to your application.

For All Your Measurement Tasks...

...ClampMan Will Hold Your PCBs/DUTs!

Model Overview

ModelClampMan Full
Ordering codeCLM-1001
DescriptionComplete ClampMan basic unit with 2 stand arms size 400 with probe holders and complete fixture-set

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