Yokogawa DL350 ScopeCorder Oscilloscope and Data Recorder

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Benefits of the Yokogawa DL350 ScopeCorder - Complete Measurements, Complete Portability

  • Combined device with oscilloscope and data recorder. Touch operation.
  • AC/DC/battery operation. Compact and portable.
  • Modular, up to 8 isolated channels, up to 32 scanner inputs.

Yokogawa DL350 ScopeCorder Oscilloscope and Data recorder

The Yokogawa DL350 ScopeCorder is a portable, compact, universal device, that gives you all the measurement and recording capabilities you need - in the field, in lab environments or on the test bench. The DL350 combines in one compact instrument the functionality of a long memory oscilloscope to record transient signals, with a longtime datalogging function of a data recorder. It is the ideal solution for acquisition, display, recording and analysis of a variety of electronic and physical signals in industries like automotive, electronics, energy, transportation and mechatronics. The ScopeCorder DL350 is a modular, powerful and flexible tool for high-speed signals or long-term recording, 'quick and simple' or sophisticated operation.

Yokogawa DL350 - Multichannel and Flexible with Isolated Inputs

  • Due to a choice of 18 different, interchangeable input modules, the ScopeCorder DL350 can be configured for time synchronized measurements with various signal types:
    • Voltage (up to 1000 V), current.
    • Temperature, vibration/acceleration, strain (strain gauges), frequency.
    • Logic signals 2x 8 bit.
    • CAN/LIN and SENT decoding (option -VE/vehicle edition).
    • 16-channel scanner module for voltages and temperatures.
    • Maximum number of simultaneous installable isolated analysis inputs: 8 channels (1 MS/s) or 4 channels (100 MS/s).
    • Maximum number of simultaneous installable scanner inputs: 32 channels (10 kS/s) or 16 channels (20 kS/s).
  • Intuitive operation with resistive 8.4-inch touchscreen (21.3 cm).
  • Superior noise and vibration-proof: Vibration-resistant design, superior immunity, secure reliable data recording even in harsh environments.
  • Easy operation also with gloved fingers or stylus.
  • Scope mode, recorder mode and configuration assistant for quick measurements.
  • For use as data acquisition system or deep memory oscilloscope.
  • Up to 5 GPoints per module/slot can directly be stored to SD-card: Up to 50 days continuous recording.
  • Up to 100 MPoints per module/slot for transient events, e.g. transient waveforms superimposed on slower signals like occuring on inverter outputs.

Yokogawa DL350 Specifications Overview

Yokogawa DL350 Modular, portable measurement/DAQ system
System structure Basic device with slots for 2 measurement modules
Channels Max. 4 channels (100 MS/s), 8 channels (1 MS/s) or max. 32 channels multiplex (depending on module) as well as standard 2x 8 bit logic/digital inputs available in the basic device
Sample rate Max. 100 MS/s (depending on module)
Total memory 200 MWords (100 MWords per slot), segmentable (history)
Display 8.4 inch touchscreen (21.3 cm, resistive)
Operating modes Recorder modus and triggered scope mode as well as configuration assistant
Triggering Versatile trigger and search functions, combination analog/logic triggering, A->B triggering, wave-window trigger, time trigger, window comparator, action-on-trigger/stop, external trigger, manual
SD card streaming Highspeed realtime recording up to 1 MS/s to SD card; recording up to 50 days
Miscellaneous Mathematics, FFT, automatic waveform parameter measurement, cursor measurements, statistics, segmented memory, history mode, signal filtering, accumulation, 2 GigaZoom window, GO/NOGO function, external clock input, remote input
Interfaces 1x USB (type B mini), 2x USB (type A, incl. support for USB memory, mouse, keyboard) 1x SD card slot, 1x Ethernet, trigger input/output, GO/NOGO output, external clock, external start/stop
Menu language German, English, others on request

Module Overview

Input Model Sample rate Resolution Bandwidth Channels Isolation Max. measurement voltage2 DC accuracy Notes
Analog voltage ▸7202111 100 MS/s 12 bit 20 MHz 2 1000 V3, 200 V4 ±0.5% High speed, high voltage, isolated
▸720250 10 MS/s 12 bit 3 MHz 2 800 V3, 200 V4 ±0.5% High noise immunity
▸720254 1 MS/s 16 bit 300 kHz 4 600 V3, 200 V4 ±0.25% 4-channel BNC input, low noise, high noise
▸720268 1 MS/s 16 bit 300 kHz 2 1000 V56 ±0.25% With AAF7, RMS, and high noise immunity
▸720220 200 kS/s 16 bit 5 kHz 16 ✓ (GND-to-terminal); non-isolated: Channel-to-channel 20 V4 ±0.3% 16-channel voltage measurement scan type
Analog voltage and temperature ▸7202218 10 S/s 16 bit 600 Hz 16 20 V ±0.15% (voltage) 16-channel voltage or temperature measurement (scan method), thermocouple (K, E, J, T, L, U, N, R, S, B, W, KP/AuFe)
▸701261 100 kS/s (voltage), 500 S/s (temperature) 16 bit (voltage), 0.1°C (temperature) 40 kHz (voltage), 100 Hz (temperature) 2 42 V ±0.25% (voltage) Thermocouple (K, E, J, T, L, U, N, R, S, B, W, KP/AuFe)
▸701262 100 kS/s (voltage), 500 S/s (temperature) 16 bit (voltage), 0.1°C (temperature) 40 kHz (voltage), 100 Hz (temperature) 2 42 V ±0.25% (voltage) Thermocouple (K, E, J, T, L, U, N, R, S, B, W, KP/AuFe), with AAF7
▸701265 500 S/s (voltage), 500 S/s (temperature) 16 bit (voltage), 0.1°C (temperature) 100 Hz 2 42 V ±0.08 (voltage) Thermocouple (K, E, J, T, L, U, N, R, S, B, W, KP/AuFe), high sensitivity range (0.1 mV/Div)
▸720266 125 S/s (voltage), 125 S/s (temperature) 16 bit (voltage), 0.1°C (temperature) 15 Hz 2 42 V ±0.08 (voltage) Thermocouple (K, E, J, T, L, U, N, R, S, B, W, KP/AuFe), high sensitivity range (0.1 mV/Div), and low noise (±4 µV typ.)
Strain ▸701270 100 kS/s 16 bit 20 kHz 2 10 V ±0.5% (strain) Supports strain NDIS, 2/5/10 V built-in bridge power supply
▸701271 100 kS/s 16 bit 20 kHz 2 10 V ±0.5% (strain) Supports strain D-sub, 2/5/10 V built-in bridge power supply, and shunt CAL
Analog voltage and acceleration ▸701275 100 kS/s 16 bit 40 kHz 2 42 V ±0.25% (voltage), ±0.5% (acceleration) Built-in AAF7, supports built-in amp type acceleration sensors (4 A/22 V)
Frequency ▸720281 1 MS/s 16 bit resolution 625 ps 2 420 V3, 42 V4 ±0.1% (frequency) Measurement frequency of 0.01 Hz to 500 kHz, measured parameters (frequency, rpm, period, duty, power supply frequency, distance, speed)
Logic/digital ▸720230 10 MS/s - - 2 ports, 8 bit - Depend on logic
probe used.
- 2 ports, 8 bit, compatible with four-type of logic probe (sold separately)
CAN ▸720240 100 kS/s - - 2 ports, 60 signals 10 V - CAN data of maximum 32 bit allowable. Option -VE available for DL350
CAN, LIN ▸720241 100 kS/s - - 2 ports, 60 signals 10 V (CAN port), 18 V (LIN port) - 1x CAN port, 1x LIN port. Option -VE available for DL350
CAN/CAN FD ▸720242 100 kS/s - - 2 ports, 60 signale 10 V (CAN port) - 2x CAN/CAN FD ports. Option -VE for DL350 required.
SENT ▸720243 100 kS/s - - 2 ports, 11 data 42 V - Supported protocol: SAE J2716. Option -VE available for DL350
Scanner ▸701953 16-channel scanner box, provided with 1 m (-L1) or 3 m (-L3) cable or no cable (-L0)

Included: ScopeCorder Yokogawa DL 350.
Please note: The modules shown in the chart above have to be ordered extra. Modules are required to use most functions of the device. Moreover, one of the power supply options 720921 or 720922 is required. If you want to use the device battery-powered, you will additionally need the option -EB.
Language options:

  • -HG: Language for menu/help German.
  • -HE: Language for menu/help English.
  • Other languages on request.

Power options:

  • Option 720921-F: AC adaptor/power supply (VDE standard).
  • Option 720922: DC adaptor/power cable with cigarette lighter plug.
  • Option -EB: Battery and battery cover.

Option -VE (vehicle edition) supports the additional decoding of automotive-specific bus systems (CAN/LIN/SENT). Supports the modules 720240, 720241 und 720243.

Note The quality test certificates QIC for the basic device as well as for the modules have to be ordered together with the hardware with the initial purchase. Later orders of the QICs are not possible!

Probes are not included with any modules.

  1. Class 1 laser product, IEC/EN60825-1:2007, GB7247.1-2012.
  2. DC + ACPeak.
  3. In combination with 700929, 702902 or 701947 probe.
  4. Direct input.
  5. In combination with 758933 and 701954 or 701904 and 701954.
  6. 1000 VRMS (1000 VDC or 1414 VPeak maximum).
  7. Anti aliasing filter.
  8. The 16-channel scanner box (701953) is required for measurement.

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