PicoVNA E-Cal 8.5GHz Automated Calibration Kits

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PicoVNA E-Cal 8.5 GHz Automated Calibration Kits

The E-Cal SOLT are automated calibration kits for the PicoVNA-108. The manual calibration process includes several torqued connect/disconnect operations and a manual loading of unique data files for each standard. With the E-Cal kits this process can be reduced to just one connection by internally switching its calibration standards. The calibration process becomes automatic and highly repeatable, with power, control and data read all managed by the PicoVNA software over a USB interface.

Model Overview

ModelTA519 SMA femaleTA518 SMA maleTA520 SMA
DescriptionPicoVNA E-Cal 8.5 GHz automated calibration kits; ovened USB-controlled automated E-Cal SOLT
Bandwidth300 kHz to 8.5 GHz
StandardsShort, open, load, through and separate characterized/polarized port adaptor
Impedance50 Ω
ConnectorSMA(f)SMA(m)SMA(f) and SMA(m)
Port input limit+10 dBm operating, +20 dBm/1 Vpeak protection
More specsDirectivity 40 dB; source match 40 dB; load match 6 dB; reflection tracking 0.05 dB; transmission tracking 0.04 dB
CharacterizationFull S-parameter 300 kHz to 8.5 GHz; SOLT comparison, characterization data records to internal memory/embedded and read from USB device
Control and powerMicro-USB 2.0
Dimensions (mm)65 x 43 x 15; 60 g
Oven warming timeTyp. 45 s at 23°C