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PicoScope-6000E oscilloscope

The Most Powerful PiocScope Ever!

  • 4 or 8 analog and 16 digital channels.
  • Up to 500 MHz bandwidth.
  • 8/10/12 bit FlexRes resolution.
  • Up to 5 GS/s, 4 GS deep memory.
  • 21 serial protocol decoder incl.

New perspectives for you debugging!



PicoScope-9404 SXRTO oscilloscope

Two Technologies in One

  • Combines the benefits of real-time, equivalent-time sampling and high analog bandwidth.
  • Four simultaneous channels with individual 12 bit/500 MS/s converters.
  • 5 or 16 GHz bandwidth, 1 or 5 TS/s ETS rate.

Ideal for pulse-, eye- and mask-testing, repetitive signals.




For Special Signals

  • PicoScope 4444: 4 true-differential inputs, 12 to 14 bit resolution.
  • PicoScope 4824: 8 channels, 12 bit resolution.
  • Supported by the proven PicoScope6 software.

PicoScope 4444 with high common-mode rejection ratio to connect and visualize signals that are off-limits to a grounded-input oscilloscope.



PicoVNA-106 USB PC vector network analyzer


  • 6 or 8.5 GHz vector network analyzer.
  • Up to 118 or 124 dB dynamic range.
  • Modular, for USB 2.0. Compact and sturdy housing.

Modular for USB/PC: RF and pre-compliance test and measurement - compact and affordable.




Simply log

  • Supported by the proven PicoLog6 software.
  • Real-time data collection and display.
  • Depending on model connection of various sensor and signal types.

Voltage, current, temperatur, or other sensor signals - the PicoLog datalogger family offers so many solutions!



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