PicoSource PG912 USB Differential Pulse Generator <40 ps

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Benefits of the PicoSource PG912, Tunnel Diode 40 ps Pulse Heads

  • Differential pulse generator for USB 2.0.
  • 50 Ω positive and negative tunnel diode pulse heads.
  • For TDR, semiconductor testing and many other applications.

PicoSource PG912 - USB differential pulse generators

The fast-transition pulse can stimulate a transmission path, device or network with a broad spectrum signal in a single instant. Such a pulse is very useful for many of the high-speed broadband measurements that we need to make; for instance in time-domain reflectometry/TDR, semiconductor test, gigabit interconnect and port test and in radar. Differential high-speed data in particular dominates the measurement challenge in our digital, computing, interconnect and telecommunications systems. Surprisingly, cost-effective fast-transition differential pulse generators have been very hard to find... until now!

  • Three PicoSource models:
    • Integrated 60 ps pulse outputs: PG911.
    • Tunnel diode 40 ps pulse heads: PG912.
    • Both output types: PG914.
  • Tunnel diode pulse heads:
    • Differential with deskew (±500 ps timing deskew in 1 ps steps).
    • <40 ps transition time.
    • Fixed 200 mV output amplitude.
    • External 50 Ω N(m) positive and negative tunnel diode pulseheads.
    • Inter-series N(f)–SMA(m) adaptors included with pulse heads.
  • All PicoSource PG900 models:
    • Differential outputs.
    • 200 ns to 4 µs pulse width.
    • Adjustable 1 µs to 1 s internal clock period.
    • Typical 3.0 ps RMS jitter relative to external trigger.
  • Advanced features:
    • Output deskew with 1 ps resolution.
    • Low-jitter trigger input and output.
    • User-variable pulse width.
    • Internal trigger clock.
    • Trigger hold-off.
  • Configuration
    • USB 2.0 connected.
    • Microsoft Windows compatible.
  • Applications
    • TDR/TDT network and match analysis.
    • Spectral and flatness measurements.
    • Timing, jitter, and crosstalk determination.
    • Semiconductor testing.
    • Impulse ultra-wideband radars.
    • Laser diode drivers.

Model Overview

ModelDescription - pulse generator
▸PicoSource PG911▸PP97750 Ω SMA(f) <60 ps differential pulse outputs, 2.5 V to 6 V variable amplitude.
▸PicoSource PG912▸PP97850 Ω N(m) <40 ps positive and negative tunnel diode pulse heads, >200 mV fixed amplitude.
▸PicoSource PG914▸PP979Dual-mode generator with both of the above outputs.


DescriptionOrder codePG911PG912PG914
PicoSource PG900 software disk, quick start guide, AC to DC adaptor 5 VDC at 2 A, universal input, USB 2.0 cable 1.8 m, SMA/PC3.5/2.92 wrench, storage and carry case.-yesyesyes
Positive 40 ps tunnel diode pulse head (attached to the device)not available
Negative 40 ps tunnel diode pulse head (attached to the device)not available
12 GHz N(f) to SMA(m) adaptor (2 pack)TA172-yesyes
10 GHz 20 dB SMA(m-f) attenuator (2 pack)TA173yes-yes
50 Ω coaxial SMA(m-m) pulse drive cable 60 cm (2 pack)not available