Gossen Metrawatt/GMC-I Masurement & Test Product Line

Gossen Metrawatt handheld instruments and power

Electrical measuring and test technology made in Germany:

  • Handheld Digital Multimeters and Insulation Testers:
    • Universal and basic digital multimeters, for general purpose applications.
    • Special digital multimeters for advanced applications, e.g. Ex, T-Com, avionics, automotive etc.
    • Testers for various EN/DIN VDE/IEC standards.

  • Power-Supplies/DC Konstanter and Loads/Sinks:
    • Lab power supplies, computer controlled.
    • Lab power supplies, computer controlled, PF corrected.
    • Electronic loads/DC sinks.
    • Programmable electronic loads/DC sinks.

AM, PM, IM, and DM Series

Tester Seriens - Examples