CableEye M3Z Cable Tester Enhanced System 1, 152/2560 Testpoints, USB

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Benefits of the Enhanced Cable Testing System CAMI CableEye M3Z (CAMI-826)

  • Intuitive and easy testing of cables and complex cable harnesses.
  • Also find and locate intermittent connections with loop test.
  • Detailed test documentation with all relevant test data and results.

CAMI CableEye M3Z Cable Tester Enhanced System 1: 152 Testpoints, Expandable to 2560, USB

With the CableEye test system you can easily test any cable or cable harnesses with your PC, for example for continuity, open wires, short circuits or miswiring. The CableEye cable tester is particularly suitable for cable production, research and development, maintenance, network technology and prototyping as well as for everyday testing in industry, event technology etc. With different connector boards and a flexible software for Windows the system "learns" your cables and then tests them. Choose from a wide variety of plug-on connector boards to mate with most standard cables, and easily mount custom connectors for unusual applications.

  • CableEye M3Z (CAMI-826) - the enhanced system 1 for 152 test points, expandable to 2560. Replacement for the M3U(H).
  • Store full cable documentation.
    Print out cable wiring diagrams.
    Print labels.
    Log and print error protocols.
  • Visualize cable wiring: Automatically draw schematics from measured cable connections. Compare cables.
    Easy testing of cable leads.
  • Plug-in connector boards, easy to install, for various connector types like BNC, RJ45, D-sub, ribbon cable/IDC and many more.
  • Connects to the PC via USB.
  • Easy-to-use Windows software. Can be set up for one-button operation to speed production testing. Unskilled operators need only to press the TEST pushbutton on the fixture to trigger an involved test sequence set up by the quality control engineer, with results automatically logged to disk for later analysis and report generation.
  • Continuity test:
    Detects open lines, short circuits and miswired cables.
    Pass/fail test with a 'known good' sample.
    Locate intermittent connections and identify their position in the cable.
  • Resistance measurement:
    Testing of resistors integrated in the cable, e.g. termination, pullup/pulldown (depending on model).
    Test of diode orientation.

Model Overview

ModelLow voltage - M3Z - CAMI-826
Control module test points128 + 24 accessory test points
Max. test points2560
Test time (128 test points) - continuity only0.15 s
Test time (128 test points) - with resistance test0.40 s
Resistance thresholds0.1 Ω...5 MΩ
Resistance accuracy - 10...100Ω±0.2 Ω
Resistance accuracy - 100 Ω...1 MΩ1%
Resistance accuracy - full rangeLesser accuracy over full range
Resistance Range0.1 Ω...5 MΩ
Intermittent connection scan rate18 Scans/s - 128 test points, 47 Scans/s - 64 test points
Diode measurementOrientation, forward voltage and reverse breakdown <10 V
Test voltage10 V
Max. test current3.3 mA
Dwell time range1 µs...100 ms
Insulation resistance measurement5 MΩ at 10 V
Digital-I/OsPairs of test points used as inputs, 50+ relay outputs with optional relay boards (item 765)
CalibrationRecommended yearly
Test point connectors64-pin dual-row headers, 2.54 mm/0.1" centers; two per 128-point module
Remote control socketYes, MiniDIN8 Connector for use with e.g. footswitch, external control panel
Probe socketYes; probe included with tester; accessory port also usable with minihook cables
Power requirement18 VDC/500 mA (max.)/9 W, from wall module or desktop supply
Weight1.2 kg
Computer requirementsAny Windows-capable machine running Windows 7 or later; compatible with touchscreen and laptop PCs
USB interfaceUSB 1.1, fast
CableEye M3Z - Measurement Functions
ContinuityOpens, shorts, miswires
Intermittent faults
Complex networks, backplanes
ResistanceConnection, non-Connection quality
Resistance (2-wire)
Continuous resistance scan
Fixture resistance nulling
Insulation qualityInsulation resistance
In-Line ComponentsResistors
Diodes - orientation
Diodes - forward voltage
LEDs - orientation
LEDs - color detection
Zener diodes - orientation
Zener diodes - forward voltage
Zener diodes - reverse breakdown voltage <10 V

CableEye, All Models and Expansions

Low Voltage Testing
▸CAMI-814CableEye M2ZBasic system/entry level128 test points, not expandable. USB interface
▸CAMI-826CableEye M3ZEnhanced system 1152 test points, expandable to 2560. Can also measure resistance (0.1 Ω...5 MΩ) and diodes. USB interface
▸CAMI-824CableEye M4Enhanced system 2152 test points, expandable to 2560. Can also measure resistance (0.02 Ω...6 MΩ), diodes, capacitance, twisted-pairing. USB interface
Low Voltage Testing Expansion Modules
▸CAMI-827M3Z-AEXExpansion module for the M3Z system (826), stackable version. 128 additional test points. Use more modules to expand the CableEye systems up to 2560 test points). Connected to the base system via ribbon cables.
▸CAMI-825M4-AEXExpansion module for the M4 system (824), stackable version. 128 additional test points. Use more modules to expand the CableEye systems up to 2560 test points). Connected to the base system via ribbon cables.
High Voltage Testing
▸CAMI-829CableEye HVXHVX systemApplies voltage up to 1500 VDC/1000 VAC, measures resistance between 0.1 ΩO and 1 GΩ, 128 test points, expandable to 1024
▸CAMI-829ACableEye HVX-21Enhanced HVX systemApplies voltage up to 2100 VDC/1200 VAC, measures resistance between 0.1 Ω and 5 GΩ, 512+ test points
High Voltage Testing Expansion Modules
▸CAMI-828HVX-AEXExpansion module for HVX/CAMI-829: Adds 128 testpoints.
▸CAMI-828HVX-21-AEXExpansion module for HVX-21/CAMI-829A: Adds 128 testpoints.

CableEye is a modular system. A variety of optionens and connector boards are available. The webshop only shows a selection. Contact us for individual configurations or special connector board designs. Find a CB board compatibility chart and other overviews ▸here.

CAMI CableEye cable tester

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Comparison M3Z and M3U - What's New, What's Different?


  • The M3Z is functionally equivalent to the M3U. It uses the same aluminum case, the same power module, operates with the same software, and is fully compatible with all custom data that CableEye M3U users have created (cable files, Macros, maps, connector graphics, etc.). It looks and works the same way and can be mixed in the same multi-tester network with M3U testers. It can be expanded to up to 2,560 test points.
  • M3Z and M3U expansion modules are not interchangeable. They use different electronic designs internally, so customers may not mix M3U expansion modules with M3Z testers, or vice-versa.
  • The toggle switch on the M3U control unit and expansion modules is eliminated. Users select the desired active test points in the software with a menu just as with the M4.
  • The resistance range changes: For the M3Z, resistances may be detected from 0.1 Ω to 5 MΩ. For the M3U, the range had been from 0.3 Ω to 10 MΩ, and for the M3UH, from 0.1 Ω to 5 MΩ. The M3Z's greater sensitivity at the low end provides users with more sensitivity to faults from bad connections (loose crimps, incomplete pin-to-pin mating, cold solder joints, corroded pins) than the M3U.
  • The maximum test current on the M3Z becomes 3.3 mA compared to 1 mA on the M3U.
  • 16 bit D/A converter on the M3Z compared to 12 bit on the M3U. This results in more stable and more consistent resistance readings of resistances less than 1 Ω.
  • The M3Z utilizes an "isolation register" that the M3U does not have. This provides greater ability to make accurate resistance measurements on ground busses (many points, like connector shells, connected to a common ground line), and greater capacity for the software to resolve complex networks by isolating interconnected components in a cable. This, too, should result in a lower support load because customers will more likely see the result they need without a call to you for help.

Question: Comparison of M3Z and other CableEye models - which functions do the models offer?

Answer: The various CableEye versions differ in the number of test points supported and/or their expandability as well as in the measurement functions. A direct comparison of the functions can be found in the ▸tables on this page.

Question: Why can't I just test my cables with a multimeter?

Answer:: You can certainly perform many important tests on cables with a multimeter. For some common cable types, these test results can already be completely sufficient for a qualitative assessment. However, the use of the multimeter for cable testing on a larger scale has its limitations:

  • Easy to use for testing single and simple cables with few wires, but not practical for complex cable harnesses and cables with many wires.
  • Many possible sources of error: When measuring at each pin, are all other pins also tested for cross-connection? Are unwanted resistances due to faulty leads or cold solder joints detected? What about the traceability of the measurement? Is reliable contacting possible with the usual test probes? Can "loose contacts"/intermittent faults be reliably detected?
  • The automatic generation of test documents, e.g. for the quality management, is usually not possible.

Here, a CableEye cable tester is the ideal and flexible solution offering all these festures, starting with the reliable adaptation of complex cables and cable harnesses, continuous loop tests for intermittent faults, up to the output of test reports.

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