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Bestseller Standard Multimeter Keysight 34461A

The multimeters 34401A can be found on countless lab benches and in test stands/racks worldwide. The classic 34401A was developed by Hewlett-Packard (as HP34401A) and later on sold under the brand of Agilent and Keysight. The multimeters 34410A and 34411A are other reliable and nearly indestructible classics. Due to the electronics component situation, the "classics" were discontinued in December 2016. Keysight has introduced new replacement models with enhanced features and modernized components: 34461A (replaces the 34410A), 34465A (replaces the 34410A and 34411A).

Time to Switch to Modern Technology.

  • The new devices with Truevolt technology are compatible with the old "classics" and can therefore be integrated easily into existing systems.
  • The well structured frontpanel lets you use the devices effectively within a short periode of learning time.
  • Due to modern technology and components the new multimeters have even more accuracy, ruggendess and offer some extra festures like a graphic display.


Rugged Handheld Multimeters and Testers - Gossen Metrawatt.

Gossen Metrawatt handhelds and testers


Low-cost Versatile Multimeters.

Multimeter for all applications - Rigol DM3068



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