Keysight 34470A Truevolt 7½ Digit Highend Multimeter

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Benefits of the Keysight 7½ Digit DMM 34470A

  • High precision digital multimeter with 7½ digit Truevolt technology.
  • High speed 5,000 (50,000) rdgs/s and accuracy 16 ppm.
  • Graphic color display with histogram, bar chart, trend chart.

High-Precision Highend Digital Multimeters with 7½ Digit Truevolt Technology.

Keysight's Truevolt-DMMs offer a full range of measurement capabilities and price points with higher levels of accuracy, speed, and resolution.
The 34470A is the high-precision highend model from the series. Measure low-power devices: The ability to measure very low current, 1 µA range with picosecond resolution, allows you to make measurements on very low power devices. Maintain calibrated measurements: Auto calibration allows you to compensate for temperature drift so you can maintain measurement accuracy throughout your workday. Get more insight quickly: Truevolt-DMM's graphical capabilities such as trend and histogram charts offer more insights quickly. Both models also provide a data logging mode for easier trend analysis and a digitizing mode for capturing transients.

  • Measure with Truevolt confidence.
  • Resolution up to 7½.
  • DC volt accuracy up to 16 ppm.
  • ADC linearity up to 0.5 ppm.
  • Reading speed 5 to 50 krdgs/s.
  • ▸BenchVuesoftware enabled.
  • A BenchVue software licence (BV0001B) is now included with your instrument purchase. BenchVue makes it simple to connect, control instruments, and automate test sequences.
  • USB interface standard on all models, LXI standard from 34461A up (option on 34460A), GPIB optional.
  • Option 34465A-DIG/3446DIGU: Digitizing and advanced triggering now included as standard, starting December 2018.

All Models of the Series

  • ▸34460A: Basic model, 6½ digits.
  • ▸34461A: Adds accuracy, speed/throughput, external triggering.
  • ▸34465A: Adds accuracy, functions, ranges, math, memory. Advanced options: Memory, digitizingg.
  • ▸34470A: Adds even more resolution and accuracy; 7½ digit.

▸All models direct comparison.

Model Overview

ModelKeysight 34470A - adds resolution and accuracy; 7½ digits
Digits of resolution
1 year DCV accuracy16 ppm
Max. reading rate50,000 rdgs/s standard
Memory50,000 rdgs/s standard; 2 million rdgs/s optional
MeasurementsDCV, ACV100 mV to 1000 V
DCI1 µA to 10 A
ACI100 µA to 10 A
2- and 4-wire resistance100 Ω to 1,000 MΩ
Continuity, diodeYes, 5 V
Frequency, period3 Hz to 300 kHz
TemperatureRTD/PT100, thermistor, thermocouples
Capacitance1.0 nF to 100.0 µF
Dual line displayYes
DisplayColor, graphical
Statistical graphicsHistogram, bar chart, trend chart
Rear input terminalsYes
IO interfaceUSB, LAN/LXI Core, optional GPIB

Included: Keysight 34470A, calibration certificate. 34138A test lead set with probes, fine tip probes, SMT grabbers and mini grabber attachments, documentation CD, IO Libraries CD, USB cable.

Software:Keysight IO Libraries Suite.▸Supported by Keysight BenchVue. A BenchVue software licence (BV0001B) is now included with your instrument purchase. BenchVue makes it simple to connect, control instruments, and automate test sequences.

Note: The recommended calibration interval for these devices is 12 months. Call or send an E-Mail for more information on calibration!

Upgrades for the Keysight 34470A

Upgrade productsProduct optionApplicable modelsDescription
3446GPBUGPBAllAdd GPIB interface, user-installable
3446SECUSECAllEnable NISPOM and file security
3446LANULAN34460AEnable LAN interface and external triggering
3446ACCUACC34460AAdd accessory kit, includes test leads, USB cable
3446DIGUDIG34465/70AEnable high-speed digitizing and advanced triggering (included as standard, starting December 2018)
3446MEMUMEM34465/70AEnable 2 million readings memory
-Z54AllCertificate of calibration: ANSI/NCSL Z540.3-2006

Options and Accessories for the Keysight 34470A

ModelApplicable modelsDescription
LAN34460ARear panel LAN/LXI web interface, external triggering for 34460A - factory enabled
SEC34460A, 34461ANISPOM and file security for Truevoltseries DMMs - factory enabled
Z5434460A, 34461ACertificate of calibration – ANSI/NCSL Z540.3-2006, printed
GPB34460A, 34461AGPIB interface module for Truevoltseries DMMs - factory installed
ACC34460AAccessory kit for 34460A - documentation CDs, test leads, USB cable; shipped with unit from factory
11059AAllKelvin probe set
11060AAllSurface-mount device probe
11062AAllKelvin clip set
34131AAllTransit case
34133AAllPrecision electronic test leads
34134AAllDC-coupled current probe
34136AAllHigh-voltage probe
34138AAllTest lead set
34151AAllThree signal wedge probe kit
34152AAllPT100/RTD 4-wire class A sensor kit
34153AAllPT100/RTD 4-wire class sensor elements
34162AAllAccessory pouch
34171BAllInput terminal block
34172BAllCalibration short
34330AAll30 A current shunt
E2308AAllThermistor temperature probe
Y1133AAllLow-thermal external digital multimeter scanning kit

Can't find option or accessory product in the shop? Just call or send an E-Mail:!

3Y Warranty & Keysight CARE

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