RedLab 1408FS-PLUS DAQ Minilab, 14bit

RedLab 1408FS USB DAQ minilab
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Benefits of the Extra Compact 14-bit DAQ Module RedLab 1408

  • The Super-Compact, Low-cost 14 bit USB Minilab.
  • Fits into your Vest Pocket.
  • Also Available as Bundle "RedPack" with Software ProfiLab-Expert.

RedLab 1408FS-PLUS DAQ Minilab, 14 bit

The USB DAQ module RedLab 1408 fits into a vest pocket. At the same time it contains a complete mini DAQ lab with 14 bit A/D resolution and additional digital I/Os, which can be used for control or switching applications. Use the RedLabs in mobile applications or when there is shortage of space.

  • 14 bit multi I/O min DAQ labs for USB:
  • 8 single-ended or 4 differential A/D channels.
  • 14 bit A/D conversion. Input range up to ±20 V.
  • 2 D/A channels, 12 bit D/A conversion.
  • 16 TTL/CMOS digital I/O channels.
  • 32 bit event counter.
  • 2 rows of screw terminals.
  • Version "-PLUS" recommended for new applications.

Model Overview

Model Analog inputs Analog outputs Digital-I/O USB
RedLab 1408FS-PLUS 8 single-ended/4 differential, 14 bit A/D, max. 48 kS/s, max. ±20 V 2, 12 bit D/A, max. 250 S/s, 0...5.0 V 16, TTL/CMOS 2.0 full-speed
RedLab 1408FS
- EOL/obsolete -
8 single-ended/4 differential, 14 bit A/D, max. 48 kS/s, max. ±20 V 2, 12 bit D/A, max. 250 S/s, 0...4.096 V 16, TTL/CMOS 2.0 full-speed
All RedLab modules available as...
  • option "-modul": Module only or
  • option "-redpack": As bundle "RedPack" with the software ▸ProfiLab-Expert.

Included: RedLab module, USB cable, basic-software (download). Bundle "RedPack" with additional software ProfiLab-Expert.

  • TracerDAQ (strip chart recorder and data logger).
  • Universal Library (programming language support for Windows).
  • Versions "PLUS" only: Universal Library for Android.
  • InstaCAL utility (for easy installation, calibration and test).
  • Driver for LabVIEW.
  • MATLAB Data Acquisition Toolbox supports InstaCal version from 5.89. (analog inputs and outputs (no streaming) are supported. Digital inputs/outputs as well as triggered acquisition not supported)
  • Linux drivers.

Support for Visual Studio/Visual Studio .NET, examples for Visual C++, Visual C#, Visual Basic, and Visual Basic .NET.
Supported operating systems: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP, 32 and 64 bit.

Optional: ▸TracerDAQ Pro, ▸DAQami, ▸ProfiLab-Expert.

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