Siglent SDS7000A Series High-Resolution High-Bandwidth Mixed-Signal Oscilloscopes

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Introductory promotion until June 30, 2024:

All decoders, FG, 16LA ex works installed/incl. Includes the options SDS7000A-FG, SDS7000A-16LA, SDS7000A-PA, SDS7000A-I2S, SDS7000A-1553B, SDS7000A-FlexRay, SDS7000A-CANFD, SDS7000A-SENT, SDS7000A-Manch, SDS7000A-ARINC, SDS7000A-USB2.

Benefits of the SDS7404A and SDS7304A 12-bit MSOs up to 4 GHz

  • 12-bit oscilloscopes/MSOs up to 4 GHz, 20 GS/s, 1,000,000 wfm/s.
  • Low background noise and deep record length.
  • Excellent user interface with wide touch screen, up to 9 display windows.

Siglent SDS7000A Series High-Resolution High-Bandwidth Mixed-Signal Oscilloscopes

The Siglent SDS7000A series digital storage mixed-signal oscilloscopes are available in bandwidths of 3 or 4 GHz. They have 12 bit ADCs with sample rates up to 20 GS/s, maximum record length of 1 Gpts/channel, and display up to 4 analog channels and 16 digital channels for hgh performance mixed signal analysis. The maximum waveform capture rate is 1,000,000 wfm/s. The devices have a wide 15.6"/39.6 cm HD touchscreen with 256-level intensity grading display function plus a color temperature display mode. The innovative digital trigger system with high sensitivity and low jitter supports multiple powerful triggering modes including serial bus triggering.

  • 4 analog channels, MSO option 16 additional digital channels.
  • 3 or 4 GHz bandwidth, 20 GS/s sample rate.
  • 12 bit ADC.
  • Low background noise: 220 µVRMS at 4 GHz bandwidth.
  • SPO technology:
    • Waveform capture rates up to 1,000,000 wfm/s.
    • Supports 256-level intensity grading and color temperature display modes.
    • 500 Mpts/channel standard, 1 Gpts/channel optional memory depth.
    • Digital trigger system with intelligent triggers: Edge, slope, pulse, window, runt, interval, dropout, pattern, qualified, nth edge, setup/hold, delay, and video (HDTV supported). Zone trigger simplifies advanced triggering.
  • Serial bus triggering and decoder, supports protocols I2C, SPI, UART, CAN, LIN, optional: CAN FD, FlexRay, I2S, MIL-STD-1553B, SENT, Manchester, ARINC429, and USB 2.0.
  • Segmented acquisition (sequence) mode, dividing the maximum record length into multiple segments (up to 124,000), according to trigger conditions set by the user, with a very small dead time between segments.
  • History waveform record (history) function, the maximum recorded waveform length is 124,000 frames.
  • Automatic measurement, 4 Math traces, and abundant data analysis functions such as search, navigate, signalscan, mask test, digital voltmeter, counter, waveform histogram, Bode plot, power analysis, eye/jitter analysis, and (pre-)compliance test.
  • Built-in 50 MHz waveform generator.
  • Large 15.6"/39.6 cm HD TFT-LCD capacitive muilti-touch screen and video outputs (DVI-D, DP, HDMI).
  • 4x USB Host 3.1 Gen 1, 2x USB 3.0 Host, USB 2.0 Device, 2x 1000M LAN.
  • Built-in web server supports remote control over the LAN port using a web browser. Supports SCPI remote control commands.
  • Supports external mouse and keyboard.

Model Overview

ModelSDS7404A H12SDS7304A H12
Analog channels4 + EXT
Bandwidth4 GHz3 GHz
Sample rate20 GS/s (dual-channel); 10 GS/s (3 or 4 channels)
Vertical resolution12 bit; up to 16 bit in ERES mode
Memory depthStandard: 500 Mpts/channel; optional: 1 Gpts/channel in dual-channel mode
Waveform capture rate (max.)1,000,000 wfm/s
Trigger typesEdge, slope, pulse width, window, runt, interval, dropout, pattern, video, qualified, nth edge, setup/hold, delay, serial
Serial trigger and decodeStandard: I2C, SPI, UART, CAN, LIN;
optional: CAN FD, FlexRay, I2S, MIL-STD-1553B, SENT, Manchester (decode only), ARINC429, USB 2.0 (decode only)
Measurements50+ parameters, statistics, histogram, trend, and track supported
Math4 traces; 32 Mpts FFT, +, -, x, ÷, ∫dt, d/dt, √, identity, negation, absolute, sign, ex, 10x, ln, lg, interpolation, max-hold, min-hold, ERES, average, filter. Supports formula editor
Data analysisSearch, navigate, history, mask test, digital voltmeter, counter, waveform histogram, Bode plot, and power analysis, eye/jitter analysis signal scan, (pre-)compliance test (USB 2.0, 100Base 100Base-TX, 1000Base 1000Base-T, 100Base100Base-T1, 1000Base 1000Base-T1)
Digital channels16; maximum sample rate up to 1 GS/s; record length up to 50 Mpts
Waveform generatorBuilt-in, frequency up to 50 MHz, 125 MS/s sample rate, 16 kpts waveform memory
Processor SystemIntel Core i3-8100 or better; 32 GB memory; 250 GB storage; Linux operating system
I/O4x USB Host 3.1 Gen 1; 2x USB 3.0 Host; USB 2.0 Device (USBTMC);
2x 1000M LAN (VXI-11 + SCPI Telnet (5024)+SCPI, Socket (5025)+SCPI, LXI, WebServer);
Audio: Mic input, audio output;
others: External trigger In, Aux Out (TRIG OUTCPASS/FAIL); 10 MHz In; 10 MHz Out
Probes (standard)500 MHz, 1 probe supplied for each channel;
optional active probes recommended for precision measurements
Display15.6"/39.6 cm HD TFT-LCD with capacitive touch screen (1920*1080);
1x DVI-D output up to 1920x1200 at 60 Hz;
1x DP 1.2 up to 4096x2304 at 60 Hz;
1x HDMI 1.4 up to 4096x2160 at 60 Hz
Dimensions (mm)445 x 334  (367 with feed) x 176; 10.6 kg

Included: Oscilloscope SDS 7404A or 7304A, USB cable, quick start, 4x passive probe (SP3150A), certificate of calibration, wireless mouse, power cord, protective cover

Siglent SDS7000A Series Optional Accessories and Upgrades

Model Overview

SDS7000A-FGWaveform generatorSoftware
SDS7000A-16LA16 digital channelsSoftware
SPL201616-channel logic probeHardware
SDS7000A-PAPower analysisSoftware
DF2001APower analysis deskew fixtureHardware
SDS7000A-EJEye diagram/jitter analysisSoftware
SDS7000A-I2SI2S trigger and decodeSoftware
SDS7000A-1553BMIL-STD-1553B trigger and decodeSoftware
SDS7000A-FlexRayFlexRay trigger and decodeSoftware
SDS7000A-CANFDCAN FD trigger and decodeSoftware
SDS7000A-SENTSENT trigger and decodeSoftware
SDS7000A-ManchManchester decodeSoftware
SDS7000A-ARINCARINC429 trigger and decodeSoftware
SDS7000A-USB2USB 2.0 decodeSoftware
SDS7000A-CT-USB2USB 2.0 compliance testSoftware
FX-USB2USB 2.0 test fixtureHardware
SDS7000A-CT-100BASE-T100Base-TX compliance testSoftware
SDS7000A-CT-1000BASE-T1000Base-T compliance testSoftware
FX-ETHEthernet test fixtureHardware
SDS7000A-CT-100BASE-T1100Base-T1 compliance testSoftware
SDS7000A-CT-1000BASE-T11000Base-T1 compliance testSoftware
FX-AMETHAutomotive Ethernet test fixtureHardware
SDS7000A-1GPTS1 Gpts memory depthSoftware
STB3STB3 demo signal sourceHardware
USB-GPIBUSB-GPIB adaptorHardware
10M_OCXO_LOCXO timebase (assembled and calibrated in factory only)(Hardware)
SAP1000, SAP2500High-speed active probesHardware
HPB4010High voltage probeHardware
SAP2500D, SAP5000DHigh-speed differential probesHardware
DPB1300, DPB4080, DPB5150, DPB5150A, DPB5700, DPB5700AHigh voltage differential probesHardware
CPL5100, CP4020, CP4050, CP4070, CP4070A, CP6030, CP6030A, CP6150, CP6500Current probesHardware
CASE-S2Transit caseHardware