Keysight 33220A signal generator, 20MHz

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Keysight function generator and arbitrary waveform generator with USB, LAN and GPIB interface

The Keysight 33220A is a 20 MHz function/arbitrary waveform generator that offers uncompromising performance for functions, pulses and arbitrary waveforms. With direct digital synthesis (DDS) technology.

  • High quality at a fair price.
  • Standard signal forms: 20 MHz sine and square, puls, ramp, triangle, noise, DC. Built-in arbitrary signals sin(x)/x, exponential rise and fall, negativ rampe, cardiac.
  • Arbitrary signals with 14 bit, 50 MSa/s, 64 K points.
  • AM, FM, PM, FSK and PWM modulation types.
  • 10 mV...10 V (peak to peak) amplituden range.
  • Graphic mode for visual verification of the signal settings.
  • Interfaces: USB, GPIB and ethernet/LXI.
  • Free download: Signal library for Keysight 33220A and 33250A. a good source for generating your own arbitrary signals or emulation of real signals. The library includes more than 20 well-programmed, frequently used signale.

Included: Waveform generator, user manual, service manual, quick reference guide, waveform editor software IntuiLink, USB cable, power cord.
Software: Keysight I/O Library, IVI-COM, software support for VEE and LabVIEW.» Supported by Keysight BenchVue.
Note: The recommended calibration interval for these devices is 12 months. Call or send an E-Mail for more information on calibration!

Agilent’s Electronic Measurement Group is now Keysight Technologies

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