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World of GPIB

USB-to-GPIB, IEEE488, HP-IB interface Keysight 82357B

GPIB for the Future: IEEE488 - Forever Young!

Are you still working with a couple of measurement instrument "classics"? GPIB devices that once have been expensive and that still are reliable and precise today? Why should you get rid of these tried and tested instruments - just because USB and Ethernet are the first choice today?

GPIB (HPIB, IEEE488, IEC bus) combines optimal performance, ease of use and low costs for many applications:

  • GPIB ismore suitable for industrial needs than USB.
  • GPIB has a lower (ie. better) latency than Ethernet.
  • GPIB is tried and tested and reliable.

Meilhaus Electronic offers a variety of solutions and products for GPIB - from high quality cables to accessories and interface converters.

Interfaces and Converters for GPIB/IEEE488/HPIB.


Cables and Adaptors for GPIB/IEEE488/HPIB.

GPIB high quality cable von Meilhaus Electronic, multiple shielding


Interface/Converter Boxes for GPIB/IEEE488/HPIB.

GPIB converter boxes: Ethernet-to-GPIB


Produkte rund um GPIB im Überblick.