Meilhaus Electronic ME-5314 PC TTL Digital-I/O and Counter Board

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Benefits of the Meilhaus Electronic Digital-I/O and Counter Board ME-5314

  • Up to 48 digital-I/O channels for digital data acquisition and control. Expandable with relays or opto-isoaltion.
  • 3, 6, or 15 counters (16 bit).
  • Available with pull-up or pull-down resistances.

Meilhaus Electronic ME-5314 PC TTL Digital-I/O and Counter Board

Models ME-5314A, B, and C PCIe, PXIe

The ideal solution, if you need 16 bit counters and TTL digital channels on one board. Even the output of a square signal with a variable duty cycle is possible with the ME-5314!

The ME-5314 is the modern replacement for the ME-1400 for the PCI-Express-based bus-platforms PCIe and PXIe. The board's connector and functionality is fully compatible with the ME-1400. If the driver system ME-iDS is used, there is also software compatibility.

  • PC plug-in board for the acquisition of digital data and status, control, and counting.
  • 3, 6, or 15 counters. 8254-compatible 16 bit counters. All lines (clock, gate, out) with TTL level, wired to the D-sub connector.
  • Counters programmable independently. Counters can be cascaded via software.
  • Interrupt control.
  • 10 MHz clock (quartz oscillator), independent from PC clock; software-selectable to 1 MHz.
  • 24 or 48 digital input/output channels. TTL level.
  • PC DAQ board for PCI-Express or PXI-Express.
  • Versions with various pull-up/pull-down configurations available.

Model Overview

Note: Find the standard product versions in the "variant" drop-down. Other models are coming soon or are available on request if higher numbers are required - this is a list of all the models, that can be built:

ModelDigital-I/OCounterPull-upPull-downBus platform
ME-5314A PCIe24 (3x 8 bit port)3, 16 bitGateDIO, Clkx1 PCI-Express
ME-5314A-1 PCIeDIO, Clk, Gate-
ME-5314A-2 PCIeClk, GateDIO
ME-5314A-3 PCIe-DIO, Clk, Gate
ME-5314A-4 PCIeDIOClk, Gate
ME-5314B PCIe48 (6x 8 bit port)6, 16 bitGateDIO, Clk
ME-5314B-1 PCIeDIO, Clk, Gate-
ME-5314B-2 PCIeClk, GateDIO
ME-5314B-3 PCIe-DIO, Clk, Gate
ME-5314B-4 PCIeDIOClk, Gate
ME-5314C PCIe24 (3x 8 bit port)15, 16 bitClk, GateDIO
ME-5314C-1 PCIeDIO, Clk, Gate-
ME-5314C-2 PCIe-DIO, Clk, Gate
ME-5314C-3 PCIeDIOClk, Gate
ME-5314A PXIe24 (3x 8 bit port)3, 16 bitGateDIO, Clk3 U PXI-Express (version 2.0, PICMG 2.0 R3
ME-5314A-1 PXIeDIO, Clk, Gate-
ME-5314A-2 PXIeClk, GateDIO
ME-5314A-3 PXIe-DIO, Clk, Gate
ME-5314A-4 PXIeDIOClk, Gate
ME-5314B PXIe48 (6x 8 bit port)6, 16 bitGateDIO, Clk
ME-5314B-1 PXIeDIO, Clk, Gate-
ME-5314B-2 PXIeClk, GateDIO
ME-5314B-3 PXIe-DIO, Clk, Gate
ME-5314B-4 PXIeDIOClk, Gate
ME-5314C PXIe24 (3x 8 bit port)15, 16 bitClk, GateDIO
ME-5314C-1 PXIeDIO, Clk, Gate-
ME-5314C-2 PXIe-DIO, Clk, Gate
ME-5314C-3 PXIeDIOClk, Gate

Included: ME5314 - one of the versions, 78-pin mating connector.
Software: Driver system ▸ME-iDS, ▸ME-PowerLab3, user manual for the board, user manual for the driver software (download).

ME DAQ PC boards

Meilhaus Electronic Original Product!

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