Keysight DAQ970A/973A DAQ- and Switching-System, Multimeter, Datalogger

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Benefits of the Keysight DAQ97xA, Replacement for 34970A/34972A

  • DAQ and switching system, multimeter and datalogger in one.
  • "Tailor-made" solutions for your requirements and budget.
  • Remote control from a PC with interfaces USB, Ethernet/LXI and GPIB.

Keysight DAQ970A/DAQ973A - the Maximum Flexibility for Multi-Channel DAQ-Systems

With this modular instrument you can set up your individual, "tailor-made" measurement and test solutions. The device is a combination of DAQ system, 6½-digit multimeter, switching system (switches/multiplexers/matrix-switches) and data logger, based on a 3-slot mainframe and 8 different types of switching and I/O control modules. The DAQ970A is the advanced follow-up model of the well-known Keysight 34972A (also known as HP 34970A or Agilent 34972A). Add multiplexer-, actuator- or relay-matrix-modules according to your requirements. Ideal for example as a test stand system with multiple channels.

  • Flexible mainframe for data acquisiton, multiplexing, datalogging and automatic test systems.
  • Configure your individual solution according to your application and budget.
  • 3 module slots (choice of 8 module types), for up to 20 2-wire- or 120 1-wire channels.
  • Internal 6½-digit digital multimeter with enhanced accuracy and and speed.
  • Fast reading measurements up to 5000 readings/s.
    50,000 readings/s (DAQ970A/DAQ973A with new firmware).
  • Scan rates up to 450 channels/s (solid state multiplexer).
  • 1 million points scanning memory (DAQ970A/DAQ973A with new firmware)
  • Choice of 8 module types (note: Series DAQ907A, 34970A/34972A and 34980A modules are NOT compatible with each other!).
  • Ability to measure very low current ranges (1 µADC and 100 µAAC) and higher resistance range (1000 MΩ).
  • Ability to measure high voltages up to 300 V.
  • Ability to measure a wide temperature range (-200...1800°C).
  • Ability to measure frequency of signals up to 300 kHz to measure mechanical rotary dynamics, power line cycles etc.
  • Interface connectivity: USB and Ethernet/LXI. USB host for datalogging and data mirroring.Model DAQ973A additional GPIB.
  • SCPI compatible command set, compatible with 34970A/34972A.
  • A BenchVue software licence (BV0006B) is now included with your instrument purchase. BenchVue makes it simple to connect, control instruments, and automate test sequences.
  • Enhanced BenchVue DAQ: Time/frequency domain support.

Model Overview

ModelMainframe: FunctionsInterfaces
DAQ970A 3 slot mainframe for modules (8 module types available). Integrated 6½-digit multimeter and datalogger. Measurement functions: Voltage, current, resistance, capacity, frequency, diode, temperature; switching functions depending on modules. The autocalibration compensates for drifts in the internal DMM or on the DAQM907A multifunction module caused by time and temperature change. Built-in internal module calibration reduces thermal voltage offset errors. Soft keys for easy configuration; graphic color LCD; measurement display in multiple formats: Number, bar meter, trend chart, histogram.USB host&device, Ethernet/LAN/LXI; command set compatible with SCPI and 34970A/34972A
DAQ973AUSB host&device, Ethernet/LAN/LXI, GPIB; command set compatible with SCPI and 34970A/34972A
ModelModules: Functions
▸DAQM900A20-channel SSM solid state multiplexer
▸DAQM901A20-channel armature multiplexer + 2 current channels
▸DAQM902A16-channel reed multiplexer
▸DAQM903A20-channel actuator/GP switch
▸DAQM904A4x 8 matrix
▸DAQM905ADual 4-channel 50 Ω RF multiplexer
▸DAQM907AMultifunction module: Two 8 bit digital-I/O ports (42 V), 26 bit event counters, two 16 bit analog outputs (±12 V) and two voltage/current sense
▸DAQM908A40-channel armature multiplexer
▸DAQM909A4-channel digitizer, 4 simultaneous, differential inputs, 24 bit 800 kS/s sampling, 36 Vpk

Included: Mainframe DAQ 970A or 973A, power cable, CD-ROM with user manual and software, quick start. Up to three modules purchased extra, according to user-application requirements.

Software: Keysight I/O Library, IVI-COM. Supported by BenchVue. A BenchVue software licence (BV0006B) is now included with your instrument purchase. BenchVue makes it simple to connect, control instruments, and automate test sequences.

Note: The recommended calibration interval for these devices is 12 months. Call or send an E-Mail for more information on calibration!

3Y Warranty & Keysight CARE

Agilent’s Electronic Measurement Group is now Keysight Technologies.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: What is signal switching and what exactly do the Keysight DAQ970A do?

Answer: Measurement in larger test systems must be fast, reliable, automated, and cost-effective. In doing so, many channels must be managed. This includes many measurement points on the DUT and many output test signals for stimulating the DUT on one side as well as a limited number of measurement instruments on the other side. What is needed, therefore, is a flexible, sensible and clear signal routing. This includes multiplexing of signals (e.g. many measuring points to one input of a measuring instrument), closing/opening signal paths and switching signals to different signal paths. This is what the Keysight DAQ970A does, while also having a built-in digital multimeter with data logger. The greatest flexibility is achieved through plug-in modules that combine different switching functions as needed.

Question: Are the modules/slots of Keysight DAQ970A and 34970A switch systems compatible?

Answer: No, all Keysight switching devices use their own plug-in modules. Only the two discontinued models 34970A and 34972A used the same plug-in modules. The DAQ970A, 34980A and 34970A/34972A series modules are not compatible with each other.

Question: When do I use a Keysight DAQ970A, when is a 34980A the better solution?

Answer: This is essentially a question of price per channel. For example, the DAQ970A supports up to 60 2-wire or 120 1-wire channels and is the ideal, space-saving solution for test systems of this size. As soon as the number of channels would require the purchase of two DAQ970As, you should alternatively think about a 34980A. Another decision criterion can be that more different plug-in module types are available for the 34980A. So keep in mind if you might need channels in the future that are only supported by modules of the 34980A series.

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