Hobby, Model Making

Measurement in hobby and model making

In the context of movements such as DIY or repair cafés, but also for hobbyists in general, such as model builders, amateur radio operators/radio hams or hobby musicians with a home studio, measuring instruments from the professional sector are also becoming increasingly interesting for private users. Here, of course, the price plays a major role. The demands on the technical specifications are often not quite as high as in the industrial or research sector. But of course, measuring instruments must also be robust and absolutely fail-safe and operationally reliable. Manufacturers such as Keysight, Pico Technology, Rigol und Siglent show that oscilloscopes and even spectrum analyzers are already possible at affordable "hobby" prices.

But not only for measuring instruments, also for inexpensive data acquisition and control tasks, there are solutions that are on a professional level and still interesting for private persons in terms of price. An example of this are the RedLab and LabJack modules.

Also for hobby and DIY userd Meilhaus Electronic offers interesting solutions for measurement and control in a price segment partly far below 1000 €.


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