Industrial Production/Automation and Embedded

Production, automation, embedded

Reliable, rugged and durable - important features for production automation components. Because when an industrial production line comes to a standstill, the costs are immense. Components such as PC plug-in cards that control a process should ideally never fail. And if they do, it must be possible to replace or repair them quickly. Ideally, the manufacturer of such components should pay close attention to future-proofing, long-term deliverability and downward compatibility for new product developments.

These requirements also apply to developers, OEMs and system integrators in the embedded sector. Because when you integrate/design in a product into one of your projects, this requires a high degree of confidence.

Products from Meilhaus Electronic are used worldwide, they are proven, fail-safe and durable. For our DAQ boards we pay close attention to the above-mentioned features such as reliability, repairability and long-term deliverability.
To give you the highest level of security, we now offer the new Free Evaluation Program, where you can test the ME series DAQ PC cards in your system environment before you buy.

Embedded PC Plug-in Cards, Motion Control, Signal Conditioning

...for industrial measurement, control, switching and signal amplifying/signal conditioning. For example: