ClampMan Product Line

ClampMan PCB and probe fixture

Solid PCB and Component Holding Fixture

In your daily work, don't you often wish to have at least two additional hands to hold PCBs or electronic modules for the process of measurement, test, soldering or documentary pictures with a thermal camera? ClampMan is the perfect solution!


  • Solid holding fixture for PCBs and probes, for measurement/test, soldering, repair, thermal imaging.
  • Can also be used for energized PCBs.
  • Rugged design with hydraulic joint stands - multiple degrees of freedom.

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Model Versions

ClampMan models

ClampMan Light (ISO, Short) ClampMan Midi (Plus) ClampMan Standard ClampMan Full ClampMan Probe (Short)
CLM-1030, CLM-1060, CLM-1080 CLM-2000, CLM-2001 CLM-1001 CLM-1002 CLM-1020, CLM-1050
ClampMan vice version, round foot with 1 stand arm size 300 or 400 and vice. Version ISO with additional isolating chucks. ClampMan PCB version, round foot with 1 stand arm size 300, isolating clamp for PCBs up to 162 mm, Plus with additional stand arm size 400 and probe holder ClampMan basic unit with 1 stand arm size 400 with probe holder and complete fixture-set ClampMan basic unit with 2 stand arms size 400 with probe holders and complete fixture-set ClampMan probe version, round foot with 1 stand arm size 300 or 400 and probe holder


ClampMan detail: Hydraulic arm
ClampMan detail: PCB fictures unit
ClampMan detail: Stand/base
ClampMan - rock-solid!


  • Easy to use: Open star grip knob at the hydraulic arm,
  • bring arm into desired position,
  • fix star grip knob - done!

Probe holder at hydraulic arm: Precise fine positioning of probe tips.

ClampMan detail: Probe holder


ClampMan with PCB
ClampMan with RF probe

For All Your Measurement Tasks...

...ClampMan Will Hold Your PCBs/DUTs!


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