Rigol DP711 DC Power Supply, 1 Channel, 150W, 30V/5A

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Benefits of the Rigol DP711 1-Channel 150 W Power Supply

  • Low-cost 1-channel DC power supply.
  • Total power 150 W, output 0...30 V/0...5 A.
  • OVP 0.01...33 V. OCP 0.01...5.5 A.

Rigol DP711 DC Power Supply, 1 Channel, 150W, 30V/5A

The DP711 power supply is a type of affordable programmable linear 30 V/5 A DC power supply with high performance. With superb performance specifications, pure and reliable output, and clear user interface, the DP700 series supports timing output and trigger function, and provides a remote communication interface, enabling you to meet your diversified test requirements.

  • 1 channel/output.
  • 150 W, 30 V/5 A.
  • Low ripple and noise <500 µVRMS/3 mVPP 4 mVPP; <2 mARMS.
  • Excellent load and line regulation rate: <0.01% + 2 mV; <0.01% + 2 mA
  • Transient response time: <50 µs.
  • Sound OVP/OCP/OTP* protection, with the response time for the overvoltage protection less than 10 ms.
  • External trigger function supported, enabling synchronous output for multiple devices (option).
  • Timing output supported (10 ms to 99999 s) for up to 2,048 groups (option).
  • 3.5-inch TFT-LCD; compact and elegant; easy to use.
  • Front panel locking and any specified key locking supported.
  • RS232 interface communication supported.

* Overvoltage, overcurrent, overtemperature protection.

Included: Power supply DP 711, power cable, Quick Guide, spare fuses.

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