Rigol DP831(A) Programmable DC Power Supply, 3 Channels, 160W

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Benefits of the Rigol DP831 Series 3-Channel 160-W Power Supplies

  • 3-channel DC power supply, total power up to 160 W.
  • 1st channel 8 V/5 A, 2nd channel +30 V/2 A, 3rd channel -30 V/2 A.
  • Model with monochrome or colour TFT. USB, LAN, RS232.

Rigol DP831(A) Programmable DC Power Supply, 3 Channels, 160W

The Rigol DP831(A) power supplies combine the ability to source, analyze, and coordinate over time in a powerful package. The linear power supplies have 3 outputs and up to 150 W in total. With one channel isolated users can reconfigure instruments into any number of systems or applications. Built in V, A, and W measurements make power monitoring easy, but additional wave tracking, timing, and analysis features means there are even more ways to use the supplies. New digital triggering between instruments also makes it possible to reliably combine and connect supplies together. Intuitive to use for everything from education labs to the R&D bench, the DP800 family of power supplies provide incredible value for any application.

  • 3 channels 160 W.
  • Low ripple noise <350 µVeff/2 mVpp.
  • Excellent linear regulation rate and load regulation rate.
  • Fast transient response time: <50 µs.
  • OVP/OCP/OTP* protection functions.
  • Standard timing functions.
  • Built in V, A, W measurements and waveform display.
  • Support for output delay, analysis, monitor, and preset functions.
  • Independent control for each channel.
  • 3.5" (8.9 cm) colour TFT display. "Non-A" versions monochrome with 4 selectable colours (orange, green, blue, white).
  • Connectivity: USB host & device.
    Models "A" standard, and optional for "non-A" models: LAN, RS232, digital-I/O/trigger in/out.
    Optional USB-to-GPIB.

Model Overview

Model Channels Power Output specs OVP/OCP* Connectivity
DP831A 3** 160 W CH1: 0...8 V/0...5 A
CH2: 0...+30 V/0...2 A
CH3: 0...-30 V/0...2 A
CH1: 0.1 V...8.8 V/0.1 mA...5.5A
CH2: 0.1 V...33 V/0.1 mA...2.2 A
CH3: 0.1 V...-33 V/0.1 mA...2.2 A
USB Host & Device, LAN, RS232, digital-I/O/trigger In/Out.
Colour TFT
DP831 USB Host & Device, optional: LAN, RS232, digital-I/O/trigger In/Out.
Monochrome TFT

* Overvoltage, overcurrent, overtemperature protection.
** Channel isolation: Channel 1 to channel 2, 3.

Included: Power supply DP 831, power cable, USB cable, software/user manual via free download.

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