Siglent Product Lines - T&M Instruments and Sources

Siglent RF pre-compliance T&M instruments

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  • 2- and 4-channel oscilloscopes up to 1 GHz, 110,000  Wfm/s.
  • Super Phosphor technology with 256-level intensity-grading and colour temperature mode.
  • Versatile options: MSO, AWG, serial decoding.

Highend debugging oscilloscope. High signal capture rate, intelligent triggers, deep memory, touch screen.

The Siglent Measurement Instrument Product-Lines.

  • Super Phosphor Oscilloscopes from 30 MHz up to 1 GHz bandwidth. Handheld oscilloscopes.
  • Spectrum and vector network analyzer.
  • Signal sources and arbitrary wavefomr generators; LF and RF ranges.
  • Digital multimeters.
  • Lab power supplies.

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