ME-RedFoXX ME-4660 16bit Isolated Analog DAQ Board

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Benefits of the Meilhaus Electronic Multifunctional PC-DAQ Board ME-4660

  • The reliable allround DAQ and control board.
  • High performance at an affordable price.
  • English and German user manual.

Solid, High Precision 16 bit Universal DAQ Board - Advanced Economy Model

This universal advanced economy model from the ME-FoXX PC plug-in board family is a good solution for many applications. It is fully compatible with the higher models of the series which allows simple upgrades at any time. Another way to get even more performance from this board is to expand it with external signal-conditioning!

  • Supported by the driver system ME-iDS for Windows 7 to 10.
  • DAQ board for reliable, precise measurement/data acquisition and control.
  • 16 single-ended analog-inputs.
    Models "s": 8 inputs also with simultaneous sampling (single-ended channels).
    Range ±10 V, ±2.5 V, 0...+10 V, 0...+2.5 V.
  • High precision 16 bit/max. 300 kHz A/D conversion (PC-dependent; reduced in certain modes, PCIe version: 250 kHz; with ME-Synapse USB: 20...25 kHz).
    External digital trigger.
  • 2 analog voltage outputs.
    Range ±10 V.
  • 16 bit D/A conversion. External digital trigger.
  • 32 TTL digital-I/O channels, organized as 4x 8 bit ports. Each port- programmable as input or output, or on models "i": 8 opto-inputs, 8 opto-outputs and 2x 8 TTL I/Os.
  • 3x 16 bit counters. All lines wired to connector.
  • Models "i": A/D and D/A section, counter and 16 of the digital lines opto-isolated up to 500 V.
  • PC DAQ board for PCI, PCI-Express or 3 U CompactPCI/PXI.

Model Overview

"ME-RedFoXX" ME-4660, ME-4660s, ME-4660i

ModelAnalog inputsAnalog outputsDigital-I/OCountersOpto-isolationBus platform
▸ME-4610 (ME-Jekyll) - Analog DAQ PC-Board, Economy Model
ME-4660 (ME-RedFoXX) - Analog Multifunctional PC Board, Basic Model:
ME-4660 PCIe16 single-ended,
±10 V, ±2.5 V, 0...+10 V, 0...+2.5 V,
16 bit/max. 300 kHz (PC-dependent) or 250 kHz (PCIe)
±10 V,
16 bit/rate depending on system
2x 16 (TTL)3 (16 bit)-PCI-Express
ME-4660 PCIStandardPCI
ME-4660 cPCI3 U CompactPCI
ME-4660s PCIe16 single-ended,
8 of them also with simultaneous sampling,
±10 V, ±2.5 V, 0...+10 V, 0...+2.5 V,
16 bit/max. 300 kHz (PC-dependent) or 250 kHz (PCIe)
±10 V,
16 bit/rate depending on system
2x 16 (TTL)3 (16 bit)-PCI-Express
ME-4660s PCIStandardPCI
ME-4660s cPCI3 U CompactPCI
ME-4660i PCIe16 single-ended,
±10 V, ±2.5 V, 0...+10 V, 0...+2.5 V,
16 bit/max. 300 kHz (PC-dependent) or 250 kHz (PCIe)
±10 V,
16 bit/rate depending on system
16 (TTL),
8 opto-in,
8 opto-out
3 (16 bit)yes*PCI-Express
ME-4660i PCIStandardPCI
ME-4660i cPCI3 U CompactPCI
▸ME-4670 (ME-SlyFoXX) - Analog Multifunctional PC Board, Enhanced Model
▸ME-4680 (ME-SylverFoXX) - Analog Multifunctional PC Board, Top Model

* Opto-isolation of the analog section, digital trigger lines, counter lines and part of the digital-I/O lines.

The models available in the shop are standard products. Other models are produced only, if ordered in higher numbers.

Included: ME4660 - one of the versions, ME AK-D25F/S, 78- and 25-pin mating plug.
Software: Driver system ▸ME-iDS, ▸ME-PowerLab3, user manual for the board, user manual for the driver software (download).

Meilhaus Electronic DAQ data acquisition boards

Meilhaus Electronic Original Product!

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